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    Just found out that Im HIV positive last month and my cd4 is 292 doctor said I must start using the ARV and I had a miscargde in Feb so I did a papsmear results came back saying i have lites dots of cancer with infections but the doctor said the cancer can dissapear but its depending on my health Im scared to take the treatment will I be able to have kids again

  9. 8o53 says:

    I was diagnosed with HIV in 2007 and I’ve been living positively since then. I started taking tribuss last year August since my cd4 count had dropped to 250, I went for a re-test in November but the the test came back and my cd4 count was not increasing. ive never been on arv’s so im stressing now cause of this. my medical aid seems to think I havent been taking my medication nd im afraid they might cancel my treatment. what should I do plz advise

  10. 6e12 says:

    My boyfriend first blood test was detected to have HIV 1 & 2 and now he had the confirmatory test for HIV. If he had HIV positive what medicine and treatment he has to take? And how many times he have to take it? I’m very lost I love him very much but I’m too afraid because my blood test is negative but will I in future will possibly get HIV positive? If he get treated with medicine and treatment how long can he live? I’m very worried I don’t wish to see him dead or anything happened.

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    Things that are good for a healthy life are equally important for both partners. If both partners are HIV positive you will have some of the same shared experiences and can support each other. Also, you do not need to worry about the risk of HIV transmission if you are both positive.

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    Hi Sindy. UK guidelines now say that it is okay to use efavirenz during pregnancy. The information that is given with the meds is out-of-date and should be revised. The safety data comes from a very large database where the drug has been safely used.

  15. agdd says:

    I feel energyless on my feet Rebecca, and im experiencing sores on my gums and on the vagina though im taking treatment (Atroiza) appropriately. Does this mean the viral load is still going high and cd4 going down? Is this treatment really working for me and will my situation improve as time goes ?

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    My girl friend had sex from her husband without condoms 9 months back now he using condoms …… If i have sex with her without condoms any chance to get hiv or any disease?

  18. 6la7 says:

    Thanks for your email. These symptoms are not side effects normally associated with Odimune. It’s important that you discuss these with a doctor incase they are a sign of another infection or illness.

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    Hey, I am sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. This is never easy news to get, but is does get easier and you will be ok. You are in the same situation as lots of other people.

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    It sounds like your doctor is giving you good advice. As you take Atroiza at night, it is not a common side effect to be sick the following morning. Pregnancy on the other hand is associated with morning sickness, especially in the first few months.

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    This is not a good idea, unless you normally sleep during the day and are awake at night. The recommendation is so that you are asleep when the drug levels are highest a few hours after taking Tribuss. If you take it during the day, you are likely to feel drowsy, dizzy and disorientated.

  25. 32yl says:

    We are a married couple and I am pregnant. My husband is HIV positive and I am not. My worry is he is still not wanting to use condoms.

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    Hi, I found out I’m hiv+ early this year when I was pregnant. I checked my CD4 count again two months after I gave birth and it was 896, is it ok to take Atroiza?

  29. 1e2v says:

    Thanks for your email. These symptoms are not side effects normally associated with Odimune. It’s important that you discuss these with a doctor incase they are a sign of another infection or illness.

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    I’m HIV positive, I tested when i was pregnant in 2009 after that i started protecting my child from HIV and now my child is negative. I also started using ARVs last year June i’ve never felt sick I’m strong and healthy. I use condoms with my husband.

  33. 8y65 says:

    This varies a lot between different people. Usually within a week or two it should get better. If it continues than talk to your doctor about this.

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    I have been using odimune for a year now so they gave me atroiza and I only realize when I arrieve at home.so should I go back to the clinic and show them or ask if they make mistake or should I just carry on?

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    I need help guyz iv been positive since 2011 earliest i cnt keep up wit these meds n my viral load is abt 1million sumtn dnt knw wat to du at my clinic iv been told i culd hv menegitis

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    These are things your friend needs to talk about with here doctor and HIV health care team. Getting an HIV positive test result is difficult and stressful. It takes time and support. Learning you are positive when you are pregnant also involves finding out about treatment, and using this during the pregnancy to reduce the risk of passing HIV to the baby.

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    i was tested HIv pos this year but dint know when i got infected.My CD4 for the first time was 250,but after two months of collection,it went down to 233.What can be done to increase this though am on CTRM.DO i need to get another drug or what.I have to wait till October before another test can be conducted.Thanks

  43. 2jfj says:

    It is difficult to know how to answer your post as the same three drugs are in Atripla and Atroiza. Sometimes when different formulations are used, people report that it takes a little time for their body to adjust again. You have the choice of continuing to see if their improves or to try to change back or to different meds.

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    I have just started with my treatment Atroiza on the 28 of may 2013. I take mine at night The first two days I felt numb and dizzy now I have a problem with sleeping, I would sleep for a few hours and find that 2-3hours I’m wide awake.

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    My friend tested positive while she was pregnant n his bf tested negative,my freind says they did sex even if she was on her period,she doesn’t how she get infected and how his bf is negative while they do unprotected sex. please clarify

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    This varies a lot between different people. Usually within a week or two it should get better. If it continues than talk to your doctor about this.

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    Hopefully that has given you a great introduction to this course and what
    selections you need to make when selecting a poker recreation to

    These are referred to as raised first in ranges, they usually let you know what fingers to play, and from
    what place to play them. Our buyer friendly website is easy to access the place you could
    have all the main points related to poker games on the primary web page.
    Again, I began teaching my associates so I’d have folks to
    play with and if I met anybody who’d never played
    poker in any respect (often), I all the time started instructing the
    easier 5 Card Draw to cowl the basics and moved on to the principles of Texas
    Hold ‘Em. After everyone in the hand has
    posted the antes the seller can deal out one face down card to every participant and one face up card to every

    If a player has an Ace, he might trade all four of his other cards if he so
    wishes. Pot-Restrict Omaha Poker is an exciting sport that encourages
    extreme strategy and a Poker face to win the sport. Once you
    might be acclimatized with the game, you can simply win hundreds of thousands
    of rupees at a website like Poker regardless of being
    thought of as a intellectual game reserved for intellectuals is fairly a simple sport with some key elements to bear in mind, if you want to pull
    it by way of. It is essential to learn the poker rules earlier than you be part of a table.
    Gamers also desire Five Card Stud to different poker variants
    as a result of it has easy-to-perceive rules and moves at
    a fast pace.

    In Texas Maintain’em, a marker called the button” or the seller
    button” indicates which player is the designated dealer for
    that game. Players must observe their opponents fastidiously as it can assist them
    plan their very own strikes better. Baazi HighRollers July Month-to-month LeaderBoard Winner.

    You possibly can loosen up that vary if you happen to’re playing against lower than eight other
    opponents. Greatest place to play poker on-line in India – At
    we offer Free-rolls, promotions/ deposit bonuses which might be unmatched,
    money prizes, quicker payouts & various methods to win big.
    In Texas Maintain’em two to nine players compete for coins contributed by the players themselves (referred to as the pot).

    Whenever you play poker in India, you count on a great variety of
    India poker. If in case you have a superb hand through the play then plan your bets to win as lots of your opponents chips as you may.
    And shortly, it may assist YOU become a profitable, profitable poker participant.
    A straight flush is a mixture of a straight and a flush: 5 playing cards with
    consecutive values and all having the identical suit.
    In most modern poker games, the first round of betting begins with
    one or more of the gamers making some form of a
    compelled wager (the blind and/or ante). The process for 2 packs is
    as follows: While the deal is in progress, the previous vendor assembles all of the playing cards from the pack
    he dealt, shuffles them, and places them to the left.

    You see, the nice poker gamers – Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth – perceive
    who they’re playing. Read more about find out how to
    play Texas Maintain’em poker card game. The Texas State Legislature declared Robstown, Texas, the birthplace of Texas Maintain ‘Em, which is believed to
    have began sometime in the early twentieth century and taken to Las
    Vegas in 1967 by Texas natives. If you see that your opponents are taking part in tight then increase more,
    and if they’re in a habit of constructing call frequently then avoid bluffing however elevate larger quantities
    with a stable hand. One of many first kinds of poker ever
    performed, we have lately added 7 Card stud to our sport choice.

    A most of 9 gamers might sit as this desk type.
    Lowball – The objective is to get the hand with the lowest worth.
    Develop your individual distinctive Internet poker technique by playing off of the chances you will
    find listed on our Poker Odds and Possibilities web page.
    Anyone who’s ever had even a semi-critical try at attempting
    to earn money out of it knows that if you want to make actual money playing poker,
    it is not going to occur inside 60 arms. Ace-queen will get dominated by
    ace-king when an ace lands on the flop and it might also fall prey to
    two-pair kind fingers fairly simply. Five cards constitutes a taking part in hand; more or fewer than 5 cards
    after the draw constitutes a fouled hand.

    Properly you’re still studying the relative hand strength, which means you may not even know in case you’re truly making a bluff or not.
    The quantity allowed for betting and elevating are depending
    on the current blinds and what the present guess worth
    is. For instance, if the betting spherical in question is
    the one prior to the flop, players can select to call the big blind or raise.
    Nonetheless, certain web site options could all of the
    sudden cease working and leave you with a severely degraded expertise.
    The truth is, we now have just about every kind of
    poker you may think about accessible. The game of Poker started gaining momentum and obtained into the mainstream through the late 90’s after movies
    like Rounders” catapulted the game’s reputation.

    Switching typically will preserve opponents from with the ability to predict your actions and
    guess your cards. When it is time for the following deal, the shuffled deck
    is passed to the next dealer. And remember there are almost infinite methods to win at poker, and many rules are malleable.

    If you need to be taught to play Hold’em using a more arms-on method, visit
    a web site like PokerStars which provides free poker games.
    There are forms of poker appropriate to any variety of
    players from 2 to 14, but in most kinds the best quantity is 6,
    7, or eight players. If you happen to start with
    the ace, joker, king, queen of spades, and the ten of clubs, you aren’t splitting if you happen to throw the ten of golf equipment away.

    So we have appeared at the the reason why the nice professionals maintain such a dominance over all other players.
    Every player is given seven cards, as is the vendor. Even for those
    who buy in once more, you need to wait till the pot has been legally opened and another
    person has received it earlier than you possibly can resume play.
    This methodology most closely approximates the legendary
    no-limit recreation. It was an incredible feeling to win a serious
    & India’s greatest on-line match ever and profitable the primary occasion will
    boast my poker goals to a special stage now. Study the pitfalls of this challenging variation by studying How one can Play Omaha Poker.

    Neighborhood cards are the playing cards that are displayed open face in the desk and shared by all gamers to finish their best hand.

    No Restrict poker, because it’s title implies, imposes no limits on the quantity a participant
    can bet or elevate. This doesn’t apply if the participant has taken all of his blinds and changed seats.
    Two Pairs – This hand incorporates a pair of 1 rank and one other pair of a different rank, plus any fifth card of a different
    rank, reminiscent of Q, Q, 7, 7, 4. On this scenario,
    the player may be dealt in as quickly as his position relative to the blinds entitles him to a hand (the button may go by him once without penalty).

    Right here, we’ll discover the basics of Restrict Texas
    Hold ‘em. Nevertheless for some individuals this
    added betting and the truth that the seventh card is
    face down as an alternative of face up means that they discover it more attention-grabbing and difficult to play, and normally
    it means that there’s more cash in the pot at the finish
    of the game as effectively which many people find an enchancment.
    That is when it’s determined who wins the pot,as gamers
    present their palms one-by-one. The seller must qualify to play with a minimal
    Jack high flush. Players cannot wager roughly than the
    Mounted Limit increment. These dictate how a lot you may
    bet and lift at any particular time during the hand.

    This was a Draw Poker sport performed with three-card rather than 5-card palms, where
    players bet towards each other in regular poker model. If the
    opponent begins to put huge bets, there is a large probability he has a pair of Kings or even a pair of Aces.
    One-eyed jacks are generally designated as wild playing cards, however the king of
    diamonds is rarely selected to be wild. For instance calling preflop with AA as an alternative
    of elevating. Learn how to play poker by watching this straightforward to follow video tutorial on texas holdem poker
    rules. Some casinos each on- and offline have started to differ the paytables for the Ante and Play

    Play this difficult, free to play card recreation in your browser now!
    Oklahoma poker is accessible to play on some
    on-line video games websites and in some casinos all over the world.
    It would be best to start off with micro-stakes tables, that approach you
    do not risk too much at first and everybody can take pleasure in this exciting recreation. Pineapple – Dealt three gap cards, discard one before
    the flop, play like Texas Maintain’em. Each participant
    makes two preliminary bets, one wager positioned on a centre circle
    and the other placed on an ante square. In Pot Limit
    and No Limit games, the games are referred
    to by the scale of their blinds (for example, a $1/$2 Hold’em recreation has
    a small blind of $1 and a giant blind of $2).

    So the first thing we have to cover are the poker rules and
    the right way to play poker, you may have some expertise
    already realizing tips on how to play Strip Poker with your mates, or you’ll have visited a casino
    or such and know the right way to play Blackjack.
    Be a part of Zynga Poker for some enjoyable with your pals, or
    get pleasure from slightly pleasant competitors towards tens of millions
    of different customers, 24/7, twelve months a 12 months.
    You are being directed to the website of our trusted accomplice that may give
    you easy-to-perceive information about Medicare, and help you study policies available in your state.

    This is just about a super flop as a result of your hand power is
    very hid. As name implies, it follows Hold’Em guidelines only this format has two flops.

    Gamers can now use any of the 5 playing cards on the table or the two playing cards of their pocket to kind a five card poker hand.
    Enjoy playing limitless Texas Hold’Em on our state-of-the-art software program where you can enjoy a multitude of thrilling participant options.
    Players now obtain the last card face up, during the phase of the game called River.
    Using the five group playing cards proven on the desk combined with the two
    cards in hand, the best 5-card hand is made.

    The player with the very best value uncovered cards
    acts first and has the option to test or guess the decrease structured betting
    quantity (for example, $2 in a $2/$four game). The worth of
    the hand is decided in the identical trend as a straight.
    Please Notice: The Dealer’s place at the table adjustments after each hand.
    Two or more playing cards have been exposed by the supplier.
    Five Card Draw is the game most individuals grew
    up enjoying around their kitchen desk. Making an attempt to deduce/catch these will give
    you a better likelihood to know who seems thrilled or dissatisfied when reacting to playing cards, others’ words
    or bets. Triple Stud : In a Triple Stud sport, eight palms of
    three completely different variants are played in turns.

    Continues this legacy, but strikes the proper steadiness between professional-grade and accessible.
    Here’s a record of every kind of sport provided via our web site and a quick clarification about gameplay and the principles.
    A inform is a selected body motion that a participant does involuntarily that can provide
    away information that they by no means supposed to
    point out. In case you are all in for the ante and have the
    lowcard, the player to your left acts first. Restrict Omaha maintain ’em eight-or-better is the ” sport featured in H..R.S.E.
    It is stated that Poker is a game that takes 2 minutes to study and a lifetime to master,
    so to start out off your journey on the Poker scheme let’s
    take a look at some primary strategies and some of my tricks to provde the best possible begin on the tables.

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