Make Them Bless You

I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3, NKJV)

Since we have received this blessing of Abraham, this very Word becomes a promise to us in Jesus Christ, and it comes true. So, we can say, “I am a blessing!” and because of that, God himself curses who curse us; He becomes mad at those who curse us. Who blesses us gets blessed by God himself, and this is why our position is so important. And like this, if society keeps on cursing churches and saying bad things about them, at last, it gets cursed; it cannot thrive at all. If it praises churches and becomes friendly to churches, then it gets blessed.

[Many of the Developing countries are open to Christianity. But our country (Korea) continues to ignore churches and curse churches now, and it isn’t good for Korea if this continues. In countries like China, Christianity gets cursed and persecuted by the state, but their people are very friendly to Christianity. Very friendly, like the past decades were in Korea. They basically have a good feeling toward Christianity. The state does the harm.]

However, all this persecution and curses and attacks, they just vanish away like the wind, and those who curse a blessing, even if we right now are suppressed by them, later we can see they have gone nowhere. The persecuted people can keep going during the persecutions, and however unlikely it would seem, they can grow more and more. However, the people who persecuted them, when we see them later on, we can see they have disappeared without a trace, raising questions about where they have gone. This is what God promised. People tried to kill Jesus in every way, they struggled to destroy him, but they all vanished, yet the churches still stand. Some people say, “In this way, the churches will fall,” but that doesn’t make any sense; Churches do not fall. They continue to stand until the day the Lord comes. The people who persecute and pressure churches, however, no matter how powerful they are at the moment, they eventually all disappear. The same applies to individuals. The people who do the will of God, however hard others press them and try to control them, they get blown by the wind and disappear, yet the people who do the will of God, they grow continuously and thrive, as if they have the connection to God above. They actually do.

So, the point is, “Do we follow the will of God, so that God can recognize us as blessings?” “Can God recognize us as good?” There are tons of goods in the world. There are individual goods, social goods, and national goods. The world says something like ‘The great good,’ so a character like Gellert Grindelwald stated he did the dirty things ‘for the greater good,’ but the greatest good is the good of heaven. What greater good than this is there? So, people can’t tell Christians about the greater good. All of our sacrifices are for the greatest good. It’s God’s righteousness. One can be saved only with that righteousness, and we live for that righteousness. And that righteousness can’t stand with the individual righteousness. So, we should stay far from having an axe to grind. So again, the point is, “How well do we live for the greatest good, without an axe to grind, without self-interest?” and this is not easy for sure. If someone truly lives for the greatest good, then God recognizes him, vouches for him, makes him a blessing till the end, and makes him, makes those who live for the greatest good, to thrive. So, are we really living for the greatest good? If you are, then you will be blessed because this greatest good itself is the blessing, and like this, a person who lives for the greatest good becomes a blessing, and anyone who helps him gets blessed. So, we have to get people blessed, according to this Word. We have to make people bless us. We have to make people help us and follow us. If we don’t do this, we will see no disciples. Is there anyone who follows you? Is there anyone who gets blessed because of you? There has to be someone like that. There has to be someone who does exactly what you do, there has to be someone who goes to where you’re going to, there has to be someone like that. People who get blessed because of me, people who help me. There has to be tons of them.

So (when this Word says) “Bless,” “Bless you,” he is a blessing and the world is not, so how can its people bless him? He who has a blessing can bless him. So, who can dare bless the churches, and who can bless God? This Word means helping him. Helping this blessing, and then who helps him gets blessed. So again, we have to make people help us, we have to say to them “Help me!” and we have to be able to say this surely because we have firm faith inside us that we are the blessing.

Jesus called the people who had fine jobs, and said to them “Follow me!” and He made them help Him, and after a couple of years, He went to heaven, and He took no responsibility for them, and after a few decades, those who followed Jesus, they all died, none of them lived their own lives. Like this, when people see this, they may say, “He’s so irresponsible,” or “they fell into the wrong hands,” but Jesus, He knew He is the blessing, so He did this. Without any guilt at all, boldly, knowing they’re all going to die, He told them, “Follow me!” Why? Because He knew what was prepared for them, He knew that they would sow perishable and reap imperishable, and what they would reap is so remarkable, so He did this. He was not sorry for His disciples; He felt no regret at all. He didn’t think like, ‘Oh, I’m making them go through a hard time, I’m so sorry for them,’ He didn’t weep for them. He gave them such precious things, He promised them great things, and He said, “Whoever sits on my right hand and my left, the Father will give these to them. So, all you have to do is to be my witnesses,” and He went to heaven. And He sent us the Holy Spirit and made us deal with this mission. So there have to be people who help us, again and again. And they are blessed because of us. So let us pray, “Lord, for you have made me a blessing, let there be people helping me again and again,” and if I stop being a blessing and go in a wrong way, then I am cursed and so are they. So let us pray, “Let me be the one who lives for the greatest good, and let there always be someone who helps me!”

God our Father, let us truly live for the greatest good without an axe to grind and let us, therefore, be the bigger blessings, and let more and more people help us. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pastor Ki-Taek Lee
The Director of Sungrak Mission Center