2017 Dedication Festival

For this year’s dedication, the Sungrak people who love the church, the Lord’s body, confessed the slogan, “I am the Lord’s” and wholeheartedly offered their true faith to God with thanksgiving and tears. The laity of Sungrak Church voluntarily initiated this year’s dedication which made it more special than any other year. Different church departments including Philip Healing Gospel Mission, Holy Wind Association, Women’s Mission Association, United Association for Domestic Mission, Sungrak Culture and Art Society all came together in full participation, rolling up their sleeves to achieve a successful and bountiful dedication. Also unlike previous years, Sungrak saints set up a gold-collecting campaign. Ordained deacons offered their golden badges which they had received from the church at their ordination and approximately 130 badges were collected in total. In addition, more than one hundred and fifty saints participated in the gold-collecting campaign, and a total of around one hundred million Korean won worth of gold was dedicated. The faith of Sungrak people who unsparingly dedicated what they have when the church was faced with difficult times, will become a good example for all Bereans throughout the world.

Towards the end of the dedication period, a Dedication Festival was held for three days from November 24th to 26th. It was truly a display of the saints’ fervent participation and dedication. The festival commenced with a speech by Overseer Ki-Dong Kim and many congratulatory addresses from officials such as chiefs of Youngdeungpo and Guro districts and chairmen of Youngdeungpo and Guro district councils. Then followed by a prayer by the President of Korean Christian Media, bags of rice and charity funds were transferred to the officials, making the festival more meaningful as we put into action the commandment to love our neighbors ourselves.  The festival offered various enjoyments not just for Sungrak members but local residents also, including a kids park with rides for children, entertainment, foods, many goods including cosmetics and second-hand clothing in very affordable prices. All the profits made from the festival will be used for the Sungrak Church’s restoration as well as church members who are in need.

Lastly, the dedication service held on November 26th celebrated the church’s 48th anniversary together with the wholehearted dedication of the saints. Sungrak people from all over the country came together to worship at the Christian World Mission Center, and members from each department including Preschool Ministry all the way up to Young Adult Ministry expressed their ardent love for the church.  One of the saints who attended the service commented that she was deeply touched as she heard the choir sing the lyrics, “I will serve the church with all my life in tears and prayers”. She added that she was grateful that she could give a dedication pleasing to God through Sungrak Church, which name actually means, the church that pleases God. This kind of dedication should continue until the day we meet the Lord again.