Our Church is a Baptist Church

Our church is the Baptist Church which was bought by the blood of Jesus Christ. We as the Baptist Church is not a doctrine-oriented church but oriented towards the New Testament. We value the New Testament as the core authority. We are not under any other authority, but the Word of God. We believe that Jesus Christ is the head of our church and we are the members of His body.

Other denominations conduct baptism just by aspersion. They also acknowledge that their way of baptism is only a simplified form, not the way Jesus originally commanded us to do. The informal form of baptism was commenced by the pope of the Roman Catholic in around the 3rd century A.D.

It has been proven by many theologians that more than 50 million were martyred by the Catholic Church as they opposed the simplified form of baptism to protect the truth. Although they had been baptized by aspersion according to the Catholic doctrine. The martyrs wanted to receive baptism according to the Word in the Bible again.

Those were called “the Anabaptists”. They insisted on receiving baptism according to the Bible, it was downplaying the authenticity of aspersion-style baptism by the Catholic Church. They were all martyred one by one soon after when the anabaptists received the baptism according to the Bible. This is very different from the Christian belief, Christianity in its nature would never persecute or kill others over differences in doctrines.

This kind of genocide had never been witnessed ever since Jesus founded church on earth (Matthew 16:16~18). If you do not believe in the name of Jesus, you are condemned (John 3:18), and if you believe in Jesus, you are to have eternal life (John 3:17).

However, the Roman Catholic murdered innocent people in the most violent manners using their power and authority. Even now, they are still persecuting and cursing people who do not follow their belief.

Today, secularized denominations are following the acts of violence as a Catholic has done formerly and they regard it as if it is the will of God. However, we do not curse nor use violence against others because we would like to live according to the Word. The Bereans were noble (Acts 17:11).

We respect other people’s faith and we are just trying to carry out our obligations. We make every effort to return to the Word and spread the movement of a noble faith across the world. We follow the examples of the martyrs who died for their faith protecting the truth. We should be a saint who are holy and we should never abandon this truth.

Our God is watching each of individuals very closely. We are living our lives not to please the eyes of men but in the eyes of God. Only in the presence of God, we fear Him, respect His name and obey Him.

We must seek our faith based upon the light of the word of God so it would not misguide. Even though there are enormous number of people who persecutes us, it does not mean they are the one with the truth. In the days of Noah, the truth only remained in only eight people.

The truth of deacon Stephen was stoned to death on the street, however, our Lord Jesus stood up at His throne and received his soul (Acts 7:56-58).

We are baptized believers who are to protect the truth. We are the Bereans, who are to follow the Word of God in the Bible. Our church is a Baptist Church, we are different from the corruptive churches.

December 5, 1999