December 27, 2020 Lord’s Day Service

Be Faithful with Your Entrusted Work

(Luke 16:9-13)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is the eternal Master.
created the angels in heaven and mankind on earth,
and gave each of them their rank and duties (Heb 1:5-14).
Their duty is to be faithful with their entrusted work (1 Cor 4:1).
You cannot say that you were not entrusted with any work,
for even the tiniest creatures have work to do.
When they each do their work, they achieve harmony.
the angels did not do their duties in heaven,
so they were confined in hades to be judged as fallen angels (2 Pet 2:4).
Human beings also received their duties (Mk 12:30-34).
If they neglect them, they become sinners (Heb 2:2-3).
Holy believers must keep their duties even more (2 Pet 1:5-9).
Your work may appear small in the world’s eyes,
but in God’s eyes, it is a great duty.
Those who are faithful with small work are also entrusted with great work.
If you are faithful with unrighteous wealth,
how should you behave with God’s wealth? (Lk 16:10)
God examines the spirits of the saints.
〇 We should make friends with unrighteous wealth,
fulfil our duties as saints with the wealth of righteousness,
and become servants of God.
〇 There is a tithe for even the smallest incomes,
for it belongs to God. If we are careless with them,
God will remove that person.
〇 Though you have little to give thanks for, you should not be ungrateful.
God’s blood and His spirit is with you.
Those who faithfully serve God should distinguish even the smallest work.
※ Duties in church may seem small,
but they are big in heaven.
So we should be completely faithful and please God.