April 24, 2022 Lord’s Day Service

Believe the Name of Jesus

(John 1:1-13)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

existed from eternity past.
His Word was with God
from eternity past,
the Word is God (Jn 1:1).
All things were created through Him (Heb 11:3),
and His word is life (Jn 6:63).
This life is the light of the world (Jn 8:12).
The name of this light is ‘Jesus’,
for He will save the world from death (Mt 1:21).
if people believe Jesus’ name and accept it in their hearts (Jn 1:12),
He will give them the right to become God’s children (Rom 8:16-17).
They are not born of blood nor the will of man,
but born of God’s will (Jn 6:38-40).
If we become God’s children, He puts His seal on us
and places the Holy Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee (2 Cor 1:21-22).
The Holy Spirit is the Advocate, and He is the Spirit of Christ (Jn 14:16).
‘Christ’ refers to the Lord’s duty – this is death, resurrection and judgement (Jn 10:17-18).
The Holy Spirit works with Christ’s merit exactly as it is (Jn 15:26).
○ Those who believe in God also believe in His Son.
He was revealed as the Word.
The Word is the will of God.
○ The name of God’s Word is ‘Jesus’.
Accepting His name
is accepting God’s will in the heart.
○ The Word is the light of life.
Since it illuminates even the spirit, joints and marrow,
it is glory and it is the wings of healing.
※ We believe in His name.
His name shows us exactly what God fulfilled in heaven.
Having faith is accepting salvation.