The reason Sungrak Church emphasizes the destruction of the devil and devotion to God is because it understands the Will of God so deeply. The Bible reveals the Will of God. But people read the Bible today and still fail to understand His Will. This is because they do not know how to read God’s word. When you need to see distant objects, you need a pair of binoculars. When you need to examine microscopic objects, you need a microscope. Similarly, you need the proper lenses to view the Bible. Berea Academy, established by Pastor Ki-Dong Kim in 1976, is a Bible teaching Institution which prescribes the precise lenses to view the Bible and the Will of God.

The faith of the Bereans as found in Acts 17:11-12 is the model of Berea Academy. The people of Berea examined the Bible every day in order to see if Jesus, whom Paul had preached, was indeed the Christ prophesied in the Bible. The result was that they gained faith through the Scriptures. The noble attitude and mind displayed by the Bereans is a mirror for all those who criticize people who live according to the Bible and choose to follow it. They criticize them simply because they follow the Bible and do not wish to follow doctrines.

Berea Academy is made up of 52 lectures taught over four semesters for two years. The first two semesters cover the theme of ‘The Proper Lens to View the Bible’, the third semester covers ‘The Picture of God’s Will’, and the last semester deals with ‘The Mediation of the Gospel.’ There are several common factors discovered by those who come to know God’s Will through Berea Academy for the first time. Firstly, they see the reality of the spiritual realm. Secondly, they willingly dedicate their lives to fulfilling God’s Will. Thirdly, they preach the word of God based upon God’s Will using just the Bible. Fourthly, the signs and wonders promised by Jesus are manifested. Is this not what all pastors desire in their ministry? Featured below is a letter written by a pastor in 2010, after he graduated from Berea Academy.

  • Semester 1 – The proper lens to view the Bible (1)
  1. The Bible Contains God’s Word
  2. The Words of the Bible are Holy
  3. The Bible is Made of Four Parts/The Law and the Gospel
  4. The Law and the Gospel
  5. The Law through the Angel and the Gospel through Jesus
  6. The Authority of the Law and of the Gospel/The Bible is One Single Picture
  7. The Three Spiritual Beings Manifested in the Bible/See the Bible in One Glance
  8. The Three Spiritual Beings Manifested in the Bible (God 1)
  9. The Three Spiritual Beings Manifested in the Bible (God 2)
  10. The Three Spiritual Beings Manifested in the Bible (Angels 1)
  11. The Three Spiritual Beings Manifested in the Bible (Angels 2)
  12. The Three Spiritual Beings Manifested in the Bible (Angels 3)
  13. The Three Spiritual Beings Manifested in the Bible (Humans 1)
  14. The Three Spiritual Beings Manifested in the Bible (Humans 2)
  • Semester 2 – The proper lens to view the Bible (2)
  1. The Truth
  2. The Truth/The Blood and Flesh of the Lord
  3. God is Spirit
  4. God’s Name
  5. Authority and Power
  6. Election and Salvation
  7. The Paraclete
  8. Cities of Refuge (The Attachment to Life)
  9. The Fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil/The Living Soul
  10. Prayer as Taught in the Bible
  • Semester 3 – The Picture of God’s Will
  1. The Picture of God’s Will and Our Calling
  2. The Self-Existing God
  3. God of Heaven
  4. Angels in Heaven
  5. Fall of the Angel
  6. Destruction of the Devil
  7. The Son of Man and Hades
  8. The Firmament
  9. Mankind and the Spiritual Being
  10. Spiritual Transmission
  11. Adam and the Helper Suitable for Him
  12. The First Adam’s Sin and the Last Adam’s Death
  13. Sacrifices of Blood
  14. The Work of Jesus
  15. Age of Grace
  16. The Lord’s Coming and Final Judgement
  • Semester 4 – The Mediation of the Gospel
  1. The Responsibility of Bereans
  2. Mediating the Gospel Through Worship
  3. Mediating the Gospel Through Rituals (Baptism)
  4. Mediating the Gospel Through Rituals (Holy Communion)/Mediating the Gospel Through Feasts
  5. Saints as Mediators of the Gospel
  6. Mediating the Gospel Through Inspiration
  7. Mediating the Gospel Through Healing
  8. Mediating the Gospel Through Miraculous Signs
  9. Mediating the Gospel Through Records
  10. Mediating the Gospel Through the Blood/ Mediating the Gospel Through Speech
  11. The Lord’s Prayer
  12. Practising Berea

As I learned Berea Academy, I realized just how arrogant, foolish and incredibly ignorant I was about spiritual matters and about God’s Will. Berea Academy took me to a new spiritual level which I had never experienced before. I saw the works of God and His mighty power at work. I witnessed His Revelations and Plan with my own eyes.

At the same time, I also saw the problems and corruption of today’s churches. The things I learned from Berea Academy in a single month is much more than what I had learned from seven years at my local church. It is a sad reality to see the state of today’s churches. Ignorant religious life and false teachings are leading people toward mysticism, ignorance, and hypocrisy.

I now truly understand that Berea is the vessel of God this generation needs. I understand that it is the backbone to the Berea Movement which returns to the Bible. Berea is already giving new hope to countless churches around the world. This is why all of us at our church desire to spread the name of God and be a part of the Berea Movement.

How can I express the joy which I have received from Berea? I desire to spread the message of God’s Will to all Christians around me. I want to make them into righteous servants and children that please God. Please pray for me and my ministry. O my Soul, be His servant! O my family, be His servants! O my household, be His servants!

Let us all be the witnesses of His name!”

Through Berea Academy course, may you understand the Picture of God’s Will by having the inspiration to see the Bible and become powerful ministers, equipped with the signs and wonders as written in the Bible.

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