The Engish Berea Academy Course is an online course that is suitable for the current pandemic situation. In 2018, this course provided a new dubbed version in English, the new dubbed version was done after the Korean lectures were translated into English. Through the progress of the translation, Semuon’s lectures were well expressed in depth because each lecture went through the process of confirming important concepts of the words and contents of the lectures.

The tesimonies from the students who took English BA Online Course:

I have required all pastors and ministers to study again Berea with the new CD. This is to again soak them in the teachings of Rev. Dr. Ki-Dong Kim because I have found the EXPANDED teaching very helpful to a servant of God.

Firstly, the CDs before that we studied is not so clear. The explanation is so short and it lacks depth that I believe only by studying again Berea using these new CDs, there will be an in-depth understanding of Rev. Dr. Ki-Dong Kim’s teaching and we will be able to appreciate his intention.

I would recommend that all pastors and ministers of Berea will again study this what I call EXPANDED lessons because the interpretation is so CLEAR and very HELPFUL to Berea pastors.

Thank you.

November 13, 2020

M. L.

My father taught following the guideline like in Berea Academy online Course and the result really great! He taught more clearly and systematic. He find the lecture topics first then the problem in churches nowaday, he preach the full content and summarize it. It helps my father to focus and preach with the structure.

May 16, 2019

N. V.

The 4th English Berea Academy Online Course starts on March 2021. By taking this course, we hope that you will deeply understand the picture of God’s will in the Bible, and gain much help in your faith life and spiritual ministry.