February 2, 2020 Drive Out Demons (Matthew 12:43-45)

is eternal life.
sent the Word to save us (Jn 1:14).
He is Jesus Christ (Mat 1:23-25).
When Jesus did His work in the world,
demons recognized Him and trembled (Js 2:19)
They said, “I know who You are.
You are the Son of God!” and trembled (Mk 3:11, 1:23-24).
Wherever Jesus went, demons fled (Mk 1:32-34).
Jesus gave His disciples authority to drive out demons (Mk 3:13-15).
When preaching the gospel, He told them absolutely not to prepare two pieces of clothing,
but to heal the sick and drive out demons (Mt 10:8-10).
He said, “These signs will follow those who believe” (Mk 16:17-18).
These show He is living and confirms He works with them (Mk 16:20).
If the Holy Spirit enters us and drives out demons,
the Kingdom of God dwells in us (Mt 12:28).
Like each country has a king,
if the Holy Spirit becomes our King, the Kingdom has come upon us.
The authority of saints do not make demons tremble.
The truth has authority. It works inside saints and drives out demons (Mk 1:27).
○ Though driving out demons is not our faith,
faith has power to drive out demons
and the Lord Jesus works with us.
○ Demons come out of people and come back in.
After demons come out, you must pray more earnestly.
You must pray to the point demons are afraid.
○ Religion cannot drive out demons.
The Christian Church drives out demons
and heals sicknesses.
※ Even demons recognize those who enter God’s Bosom.
Demons are not terrifying beings to believers.
They are enemies who should indeed be driven out in the name of Jesus.