February 3, 2019 Offer Yourselves to God (Genesis 22:1-19)

Sermon Outline

is the One who commands His blessings.
revealed Jesus to the world (John 3:16),
and gave all humanity to the One and Only Son of God.
God gave His blessings to Abram and gave him the name ‘Abraham’.
The name ‘Abraham’ means ‘Father of Many Nations’ (Genesis 17:4-6).
God made Abraham into a blessing – a ‘source of all blessings’ (Genesis 12:1-2).
did not just let Abraham enjoy all these blessings for himself (Genesis 22:1-2),
but He commanded that all humanity receive blessings through you.
What Jesus had commanded in the wilderness was these:
“How many loaves of bread do you have?”
and “Bring them here to Me” (Matthew 14:17-18).
He blessed and broke and fed many with these loaves.
We must know the power, word and blessings that come from God.
If one offers himself and all he has to God,
God will use him to be a blessing for all humanity.
And if one gives his material offerings to God (Matthew 4:19),
God will use these offerings and work His power in even more souls.
○ Believe in ‘The Inspiration of the Five Loaves and Two Fish’.
The Blessing of God is ‘The Inspiration of the Five Loaves and Two Fish’.
This is our faith.
○ Abraham did not keep Isaac to himself but offered him without hesitation to God.
God, thus, made ‘Abram’ into ‘Abraham’
and gave salvation to all of humanity.
○ In the same way, offer yourselves to God,
offer your children and your material possessions to Him,
and God will give you ‘The Inspiration of the Five Loaves and Two Fish’ in their place.
※ God is living
and does His work day and night for all eternity.
Give your confession of faith that you belong to God.

Semuon’s Letter

Through believing in Jesus Christ, I have come to know God. I have come to know the works that He has done – that is – I know His working power. Before then, I had only known a life of poverty, misfortune and curses. I felt the misfortune of my life so acutely that I tried to end my life numerous times. I did not simply ponder these things in my thoughts, but I attempted to go all the way. Nevertheless, God would later reveal to me His great grace and blessing.

The moment He had done so, I came to think of the case of Abraham. He left his country, his relatives and his household. He lived as a lonely pilgrim. The day he left his home, no one could have humanly imagined or guessed what would have come afterwards. Whenever he was in a most lonely and difficult time, God delivered him. And through the son that he was given, he was full of joy every day.

God would later speak to him, saying, ‘Take your great joy, your great happiness, out of your house, and go to the mountain of Moriah as I command you. Offer him as a burnt sacrifice.’ Abraham did exactly as he was commanded. He took his only son – the joy of his household – and offered him to God as he was commanded. But God would not only give his only son Isaac back to him, but God would give him to the rest of humanity: from him was born the Lord and Savior.

The five loaves and two fish – that which could barely feed a young child – was truly inadequate. But this did not remain in the hands of man. Jesus gave the commandment, “Give them to me”. His disciple gave them to Him. Later on, 5000 would eat of it, just among the men. All together 10,000 people would eat of it. They were fully fed.

I finally understood this truth. I understood ‘The Inspiration of the Five Loaves and Two Fish’. Until then, I met with misfortune and curses because I had done these things by myself. It was when I had offered myself to God that, until this day, I have not been just by myself. I belong to the Lord. Now, even at the age of 82 years old, I still belong to the Body of the Lord. I not only help the people in my immediate vicinity, but I help people all over the whole globe. God has worked in me that I give myself to them all. Although I cannot visit all the people in these places, through my books, my words can go to them and work in their souls.

If I had hidden all these things that were given me, enjoyed them and kept them for myself, God would not have used me. Instead, I made to decision to deliver everything to the Lord God. In return I received ‘The Inspiration of the Fives Loaves and Two Fish’ – that same inspiration that was handed out to the crowd of 10,000. Because Abraham had taken Isaac away from his home and delivered him to God, he became the one who would give insurmountable blessings to all humanity – to as many as the stars of the sky and the sands of the shore.

To know of this secret is our faith. If you keep these things to yourself, you might enjoy a small portion of these blessings, but you will not be able to share them to an even greater number of people. If you give your body and all that you have to the Lord, God will use you for the purpose of serving all of humanity. This is the reason why I exhort all to come to the Berea International Theological Seminary. Offer yourselves to the working hand of God. If you do so, you will be used by God most powerfully. Do not just enjoy these blessings for yourselves, but offer yourselves entirely to God. Allow yourselves to be used by God.