October 18, 2020 Lord’s Day Service

Forgiveness by the Shedding of Blood

(Hebrews 9:22-28)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is the Just Father.
must fulfill His determined will (Mt 6:10).
If He does not, He becomes unjust.
Some people do not believe and doubt, and it is their freedom.
But they are not without sin.
As sin is opposing God’s will, they fled from righteousness.
they confess, “I have sinned only against You” (Ps 51:4).
Because they sinned only against God,
it can only be forgiven by God’s blood (Lev 17:11).
Mankind’s moral sins were even forgiven during the Law.
It was fleshly ordinances (Heb 9:10).
After faith came, you cannot be forgiven by animals’ blood.
You sin only against God.
How great is the sin of unbelief?
Since it is sin against God alone,
it can only be forgiven by God’s blood.
The sin of unbelief and doubt
is an evil which sheds God’s blood (Jn 6:53-57).
God redeemed sin by His own blood (Heb 9:12).
〇 Repentance is to lay down your sins
and drink God’s blood.
〇 Without the experience of drinking God’s blood, it is hypocrisy.
When we repented,
the Lord was in this pain.
〇 Those born in the universe (called ‘Hades’) must die.
People’s spirits were born in heaven (the spiritual world)
and must be judged.
※ We believe so that we will not be judged.
As Jesus was judged on the cross instead,
we rely on His grace and are baptized.