God’s word guides Chinese Berea Churches

Christians heal their disease and their difficult problems are solved by the name of Jesus. It is because God has placed all His authority and power in Jesus’ name. Jesus first saved and served many people who were in trouble in the world by His miracles and signs in His own name. Like this, through Jesus’ truthful love and service, we received a new life, and then we can live loving and serving each other as the Lord commands us.

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another” (John 13:34).

The overseer’s sermon of Sungrak Church guides Bereans all over the world into the truth. It is to prevent their lives, which were saved by the truthful service of Jesus, from being taken away by darkness again. The Bereans strive to preach the Lord’s love while they love and serve in the church. The gratitude overflows within them to live with the grace of Jesus’ blood in their lives abundantly. Thus, they are trying their best to show the attitude of sincere faith commanded by Lord in the church He has called.

“Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood” (Acts 20:28).

We would like to introduce Chinese Berea churches who serve each other and serve the mother church with love and humility through the guidance of the overseer who the Holy Spirit has made. The Chinese Berea churches are in a difficult situation to have a faith life because of the control of the Chinese government due to Covid-19. However, they do not lose their faith, they love each other and love their churches and the mother church more and more. Also, they are striving to keep on with God’s work that He commands them. Here is the letter full of love toward the mother church from the saints of Chinese Berea churches.

I understood the sin with just my own knowledge. I just thought I was a sinner because of Adam, and I did not think that I was full of sinful characteristics. Moreover, I thought that my sin was cleansed by Jesus’ blood, so I misunderstood that I did not have any sins and that I was full of the holy attributes of God. For this reason, I judged other people involuntarily, and sometimes I struggled  because I could not accept my evil thoughts and behaviors.

However, through the word of the mother church, I can admit that my nature is dirty, like trash. Before then, whenever I came to an evil mind, I was in pain because of my thoughts, “Why am I terrible even if I believe in Jesus? Am I qualified to receive God’s love?” But now, I can truly know that I cannot be with God if I do not rely on the Lord’s grace every time.

From now on, I will not focus on the fact that there are sinful characteristics in me. What is the point of distinguishing what is dirty or not?

Please help and pray for me so I can always rely on the grace of the Lord, Jesus, and clothe with the Lord’s blood. Through this, I hope I can be the person who is interested in succeeding in God’s work and always think about how I can participate in the ministries of the church more.

Wang, OOO Berea Church in China

When we gather, it is like gathering as one family. In other words, as we cherish and help each other and try not to hurt each other, we gather and contribute ourselves for the happiness of the whole. So we put ourselves down and consider others to have peace. When we do this to each other, we can have affection for one another and have a good relationship. In church, Christians should receive much happiness and joy that they cannot get in the world. By doing this, our faith life can have vital power. Consequently, serving each other humbly is the mark to testify the identity of Christ’s church. Moreover, not only this but the personality of the church to serve each other helps preserve the church. They share love and cherish each other; they can get the power to overcome all the difficulties.

in Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim’s sermon,
The Command to Resemble Jesus’ Service on November 27, 2022

In this way, we hope that Bereans all over the world can receive guidance through the mother church with humble hearts, love and encourage each other, and faithfully carry out their ministry with the attitude the Lord wants.

written by Sungrak Mission Center