If I fast, will I get everything solved as what I want?

I have seen many cases where believers went to a retreat center to fast and became mentally ill. I personally do not cast out demons for those who are fasting. The purpose of demons bringing sickness is to destroy the human’s body. If a sick person fasts, the body will become weaker and it can rather result in helping demons. Once, when I was leading a revival crusade, I even announced to people saying, “I will cast out demons and heal sickness. So please eat well and come.”

Trying to solve every problem with fasting is not the right idea. Some churches over-emphasized fasting, so they put more weight on fasting than the works of Christ. This kind of emphasis might not seem like a big problem right now. However, as time passes in such a state, it may possibly deviate from proper spiritual lives.

We are the ones who have an absolute experience with the blood of Jesus. However, if the experience of fasting is emphasized more than the works of Christ, then, the people’s faith will not be able to go beyond their instinctive religiousness.

My answer refers to What are Deceiving Spirits?
Chapter 5 “The Identity of Demons,” p. 87
written by Pastor, Ki-Dong Kim.