January 14, 2018_You are a Blessing (Genesis 12:1-3)

Sermon Outline

is the God of all blessings.
called the world to come before His presence (Dt 30:19-20)
in order to let the world be blessed.
How do we go before God who is omnipresent?
The Bible calls this faith (Jn 3:16)
And this faith was accounted as righteousness (Ge 15:6).
The faith which God deemed as righteous
was found in Abraham for the first time (Ge 12:1).
Abraham believed that God:
1) has to be living;
2) must be the Almighty;
3) has to hear the circumstances of man;
4) be the master of man.
He was certain that God is not the God of the dead
but the God of the living.
God confirmed Abraham’s faith as the source of blessing.
Thus, with the knowledge of this (Ge 12:2-3)
whoever blesses him will be blessed;
whoever curses this blessing will be cursed.
◌ Only by faith
can man come before God.
Faith is accounted as righteousness.
◌ Faith becomes the source of blessing.
We are not blessed through many prayers
or by offering religious devotion.
We have to believe to be blessed.
◌ With faith, we will be blessed.
Whoever curses this faith will be cursed.
Faith is the source of blessing.
※ Faith is not our own conviction
but the word of God.
Let us uphold the will of God and have faith.

Semuon’s Letter

Dear Sungrak people, I love you.

In short, debt is not a great loss. Even if you construct a building with your own capital, the interest is gone. And if you take another’s capital to construct a building, the interest will surely be gone. Even in this country we borrowed from another country’s capital, that is, the international financial capital called the IMF, and we borrowed money to revive the country.

For the past 50 years, from being penniless when I started, I have planted and grown Sungrak Church into the mega church that it is today. Back then the church members suffered extremely difficult times, but they trusted the church and the overseer, and the result of their support led to the great miracle we have seen today. Concerning debt, if we build up trust with perseverance like before and diligently save money, we will easily be able to bear it. We did the work in advance and afterwards gradually paid it off. Therefore, God has guided us up until today without any mistake. Please do not be afraid, but pray all the more.

To intentionally cause suffering to the church is, in as much as the church is the body of the Lord Jesus, to intentionally persecute the Lord and cause Him suffering. There must never be such occurrences again. To disdain the overseer is to greatly blaspheme the Holy Spirit, who appointed the overseer. Even though he may seem insignificant in the eyes of man, he is regarded as a large vessel by the Lord.

We, as the saints, should not let go of the basic qualifications of being members of the church. Church members must without fail attend the Lord’s Day worship. Jesus said, “I am Lord even of the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27-28). Even in the ancient times of the Law, if anyone broke the Sabbath he was stoned to death straight away. And it was stated, ‘Whoever does not keep the Sabbath will be cut off from the people of Israel’. Jesus was the Lord of it even then. The Lord’s Day is the day when Jesus is Lord. By attending the Lord’s Day worship, we become the people of the Lord, and receive the qualification as the saints of the Lord.

Also, the tithe is that which the saints, who have been blessed with the blessing promised to Abraham all the way down to Jacob, pledge to give to God, and confirm that it belongs to him (Gen.28:20-22). Therefore, the tithe belongs to God (Mal.3:8-9). The Bible says, ‘the one who steals tithes will be cut off from the people of God’. Jesus also emphasized this (Matt.23:23, 8:4). If you are a holy member of the church, you must tithe without fail. Is this not how the church will survive in the world?

The monthly offering is given to satisfy the church’s very inadequate finances. In the Bible the first day of the month was regarded as a great day like the Sabbath or the Day of Atonement, and was fixed as the day when you give your offerings to God. And monthly offering is based on this(Num.28:11-14, 10:10, Lev.23:24). The New Testament church also applied this (Col. 2:16). The monthly offering, given on the first day of the month, is the duty of the saints as a way of remembering God, and it is to be diligently put into practice. The monthly offering must be offered to the church that you are registered in without fail. This is the evidence that you are a full member of the church.

We are the saints who anticipate the second coming of the Lord Jesus and strive towards the glory of the first resurrection as our goal. As the duty of the saints, I ask that you keep these three basic obligations this year. Thank you.