January 10, 2021 Lord’s Day Service

Jesus is Anointed

(Mark 1:9-11)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is the Father.
loved the Son and anointed Him (Jn 1:32-34).
This was anointing the Son as Christ.
Since God loved the Son, He set Him as the Heir (Heb 1:2)
and anointed Him to receive glory.
He is ‘the Christ’ (Mt 3:17).
is the greatest duty given by God (Jn 10:17-18).
God loved the Son as Himself (Jn 10:30)
and the Son submitted to the Father in all faithfulness (Phil 2:5-8).
Love is the glory which the Son received from the Father
and God’s pleasure is the glory which the Father received from the Son (Jn 17:1).
When Jesus was baptized (Mk 1:10),
the Holy Spirit came on Him and God spoke to Him.
This determined the status and glory of Christian believers.
If we are forgiven sins by the grace of Jesus and become children
of the Most High, we will receive the Father’s love (Rom 8:16-17).
If we fulfill the duties entrusted by God in all faithfulness (1 Cor 4:1),
He will be pleased.
○ God’s love is that He purchased us by the Son’s blood,
nurtured us with the word of eternal life and grace,
and gave each person their duties to please God.
○ Anyone who is a believer will have duties.
Some were entrusted to be pastors and deacons, some to be teachers,
some to be evangelists, and some to do works of service.
○ If you faithfully fulfill your duties and please God
with all your strength and life, He will be glorified.
Your spirit will receive God’s love and your life will please Him.
※ God’s love and pleasure was appointed from the beginning.
This itself is status of holiness and faithfulness to your entrusted work.
Let’s receive His love and be faithful to Him.