January 1, 2018_Jesus is Not a Religion but the Resurrection (John 11:24-25)

Sermon Outline

is life.
He sent Jesus Christ
so that the world may have everlasting life (Jn 1:18)
Jesus is God’s only begotten Son
and the Son of Man who came as the love of God (Jn 3:16).
Jesus is not a religion.
He is the resurrection and the life (Jn 11:25).
To believe this is life and the resurrection.
We should not try to learn from Jesus a religious practice
but receive life and resurrection from Him (1 Co 15:17-19).
The name of Jesus is a name with a promise (Jn 14:13-14).
It is God’s name.
He who receives Jesus’ name into his heart
receives the right to become a child of God (Jn 1:12).
In Jesus’ name, all the worlds were created (He 1:2)
and the demons tremble before that name (Jas 2:19).
The name Jesus saves all who believe,
and guides their souls to God (Lk 23:43).
◌ People are hypocritical because they do not believe in Jesus
and only think of Him as a religion.
Jesus is life.
◌ Jesus is the resurrection.
We believe in order to attain the resurrection.
◌ Preach Jesus.
Let us not preach a religion but life.
※ There is no resurrection in religions.
There is no life; there is no eternal life.

Semuon’s Letter

The Jews accused Him of sin when He had none. Judas Iscariot made it look like He had sin and handed Him over to them. Pilate acknowledged the sinless One as a sinner, and handed Him over to be crucified. Even one of the criminals crucified with Jesus, sneered at Him.

Cain murdered in his heart but also murdered by his actions, and was justly cursed. What did we seek to gain by coming to Jesus Christ? Did we come to be condemned or to receive salvation? Did we come to condemn others or to love others?

We must come to our senses in this chaotic situation and see clearly. They are like those who do not believe in Jesus, like ones who do not know of God’s salvation or grace or life or truth or the Picture of God’s Will. All day long they hide themselves behind corners of buildings to secretly take photos, and seem obsessed with creating lies. Is this a hobby or corruption? Or are they being led by the devil? It is regrettable and I worry about their souls.

Even today I am being flogged and put to death all day long. I am surrounded on all sides that it’s hard to breathe. But I am done with living in the flesh; I am a man who will live only to work for the time given me by God. I am not serving in ministry for my own name. Since my name is dead and even crushed to dust, I do not desire to live any more, but my soul lives on and works with great joy. People who have not experienced anger, who have not suffered anguish in their hearts would never understand this. What could you expect from those who deny the merits of the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus?

The meritorious work of the cross does not remember the sins of those who have come to Jesus. Even God does not remember their sins. Jesus Christ has bore all sins in His body so that they are remembered no more. The Holy Spirit has abolished the Law that is a reminder of sins, and reigns by the Law of the Spirit. This is the truth, this is the grace we have received and the faith by which we have been saved.

But what are they trying to figure out night and day? It seems like they have lost their minds trying to condemn, slander, shame, and to murder again and again. They make up empty accusations, create lies, claim to have seen things they have not seen, and do not realize the bitter responsibility that will be demanded of them as a result of their actions. Therefore, though I cannot even hold my head up, my soul is joyful.

I believe in the Lord Jesus; I believe in the precious blood of the Lord Jesus and the words of the Holy Spirit. Like the Jews who used the authority of Pilate the Gentile to kill Jesus, it looks like there is a modern-day version of the Jews today. They find and use all sorts of methods of the world to bring disgrace to the Church; their actions are utterly shameful. But I will be Semuon – though I see, I will not speak.