July 15, 2018 Return to God (Malachi 3:7-12)

Sermon Outline

is the Creator.
created all things for the Son
and set Him as the Heir (Heb 1:2).
since the fig tree could not bear fruit,
the Lord rebuked it and it died from the root (Mk 11:14).
He came to finally shed His blood
and He ascended by resurrection (Acts 1:11).
When He comes again, the world and hades (the universe) will all disappear.
This happens because there is no need for them to remain in the world
when the Son finishes all His work (Rev 21:1).
we must return to the Son
while His work remains (Jn 6:38-39).
God’s word says, “Return to Me” and waits.
Because the world does not return to Him,
it is cursed (Mal 3:7).
Giving tithe is proof of returning to Him.
You can only return to Him by the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:11).
◌ Let us return to God.
Let us give what belongs to God and return to Him.
Not returning to God is a curse.
◌ Tithes and oaths belong to Him.
What belongs to Him must be put in His storehouse.
Misusing what belongs to God is stealing.
◌ People’s spirits belong to Him so they must return to Him.
Wealth belonging to Him must also return to Him.
The person of the Holy Spirit must surely return to Him.
※ Our hope is the resurrection and eternal life.
At that time, everyone will return to God.
So let us show our faith.

Semuon’s Letter

The Invitation Letter for the 2018 MongSanPo Summer Camp

For the past century, in every summer of the year, our church has had a summer camp. And the whole church has, with one heart and one united spirit, continually supported and participated in this camp. Although it is a short period, the saints come to the camp with an openness of heart, and with loud cries they pray and call out to the Lord with true tears. In the process, they purify their souls and come out with a bold determination for their life of faith.  For the purpose of finding a good location for the camp, they search through the distrinct of KangWonDo and other areas. They labor in the difficult work of preparing for the camp, cooperating together, and according to their carefully laid out plans, they end up receiving great grace.

For the purposes of dealing with a variety of discomforts, we took the location of MongSanPo, and built the Sungrak Center there. For over 15 years, we have held the summer camp there. The Sungrak Center is the great gift given to us by God. In this place, all come to receive grace, and the souls who had once been deeply burdened, go back to their church lives in a way that is very encouraging.

In this summer camp, for those who have difficulty to participate for various circumstances, there will be a first phase of the summer camp from July 24th to 27th in the MongSanPo Center, and a second phase of the summer camp from July 30th to August 2nd in the World Christian Mission Center. Even last year, in these two places, the saints who loved both the church and their families all come together to receive great grace. We all must receive the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ without any limits. The Bible says that ‘He is the fullness of Him who fills all things in everyway’.  At all costs, we all must gather together. And I urge you to all receive the immense grace that God rains down from heaven for the church.

The great grace that the Lord God gives us can only be received in the soul. That is why I have set as the slogan for this year, ‘My Soul shall return to the Word’. Even though our souls receive grace again and again, we still have shortcomings, and this can be unfortunate. The streams of the living water must fall like a waterfall to our souls and our families to the upmost. The Lord Jesus has said that only those who believe in the Lord Jesus can receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

On this day, our church must, more than all others, receive the grace of the Lord Jesus. Judas Iscariot was one of those who sat face to face with the Lord, and directly heard the word of truth. The devil, however, put into his thoughts the idea to sell the Lord Jesus, and finally he even unlawfully took away money from the temple treasury. If one goes to church but does not receive grace, one cannot be complete in his soul.

My beloved Sungrak people, let us protect the church! Let us revive it! Let us all gather together! Let us cry, let us wail, and let us pray! I give this invitation to you all. Thank you very much.

The Senior Overseer, Pastor Ki Dong Kim