June 24, 2018 Keep Jesus’ Commands (John 14:15- 21)

Sermon Outline

is the Father of life.
sent Jesus to the world
to give His commands.
God’s commands are eternal life (Jn 12:50).
The Law was given through Moses,
and grace and truth
came through Jesus Christ, who is Immanuel (Jn 1:17).
Moses strictly governed Israel
through the commands of the Law (Ex 21:1-).
This was the Law of the flesh.
Jesus governs the church of Jesus Christ
through the word of grace and truth (Jn 16:13-14).
This is spiritual.
The time of Moses, the Law and its commands are over (Mt 11:13),
while the time of Jesus Christ’s grace and the truth’s commands
have begun by the Holy Spirit (Jn 14:26-28).
If you keep Moses’ commands, the flesh lives but the spirit dies.
If you keep Jesus’ commands, the spirit lives but the flesh dies.
The Holy Spirit governs by the commands of grace and truth (Jn 1:14).
◌ Since the first covenant and its commands are abolished,
let’s keep the new covenant and the new command.
Jesus is the Mediator of the new covenant.
◌ Do not be oppressed by the conscience discerning good and evil.
Receive grace.
The truth is life for our spirits.
◌ If you keep the new command,
the Lord Jesus gives the Holy Spirit.
Grow your faith by the Holy Spirit.
※ According to the new command,
let’s love each other.
Let’s truly love the Lord and other people’s spirits.

Semuon’s Letter

‘Day and night, tears are filled in my eyes and I eagerly await for my Lord to come to me. When He comes again to me, I will gasp with joy, O Lord! When will you come to me?’

For these 60 years, I have only been waiting eagerly for the Lord to come to me. He took away all my faults and shed His blood on the cross. I live because of the grace that the Lord has given me, which has made me righteous. Not matter how vicious the enemy is, I know that he cannot overcome the truth. The heart of Semuon, like charcoal, has been burnt up dark and black, but my soul has been trained and tested, and like gold, it is all the more blessed. What your servant only wants, O Lord, is that you would make him sleep back in your bosom. Therefore, I am always before you – O Lord – you who have saved my soul. There are those who, night and day, are endlessly planning together on how to separate me from You. But just who could ever cut off the cords of grace that connects me from my Lord?

I, Semuon, am now not afraid of the world. For the past half century, I have endured and have overcome. And neither do I love the world. I only love those whom you have given in this world. So that not one of them would be lost, I am vigorously praying and loving their souls. I only ask, day and night, that they would be fed better pasture and fed cleaner water. I only breathe through the Holy Spirit, whom You have given me. The Lord has commanded me to fully experience all the great gifts that He has given me on this earth, and I am doing just that. Lord, make my soul full of the gifts of the Holy Spirit!

Even though I would rather leave this world as soon as possible, if you, Lord, do not allow this, then I will endure just the same. But the thing that is just so painful to your servant is that the ones who called Semuon their teacher, their father and their friends, are now as enemies, and they are slandering Semuon and abusing him. But if, by receiving slanders, your servant will receive blessings, I will by all means endure them. And if by my death, they would in turn receive blessings, then I will do this do as well. Sungrak Church is my legal home, it is my current address, and it is my place of work. And finally, it will be my tomb.

Lord! I have even gone to the lawcourts of those who sentence criminals. At that time, there were many of our saints who came to comfort me. In my lifetime, I would never have thought that I would have to go through these things, but I know that even this is the burden that I must bear. I am glad because I am not ashamed. No matter what anyone says, I am grateful. Although my body has much difficulty to endure all this, so long as you, Lord, will give me strength, then I will endure this.

Even though the life of your servant has been a life of constant toil and hardship, I know that this is the command that you have given me, and I obey it. I pray that the church would one day sooner be restored to peace. Semuon, only has you, O Lord, to rely on. And I bow before your name, and on this night, I pray to you. I pray that you would bless the saints who love the Church as the Body of the Lord. I pray that you would bless the souls of all these people. Amen.