One of the most distinctive features that Sungrak Church has on World Mission is to provide the Word of God solely.

The Word, Jesus, became flesh and dwelled among us. And then, the word left us to the heaven but, the Word is continuously spoken to us by the Holy Spirit, who goes out from the Father (John 15:26). This is the way God preaches and raises us up to be His disciples. He gives us the Word not just once, but consistently. However, there are countless Christians who listen to the Word of God all their lives, but rarely be disciples of Jesus accordance with God’s will.

Here are some stories about the people who got surprised to learn the Word from Sungrak Church. We eagerly want them to ‘Return to the Word’ from doctrines and power of denominations. Then we will be Berean, who were of noble character and received the message with eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if it was true (Act 17:11-12).

Article #1: Sister Zinaida from Tuva

Sister Zinaida Kenden is a layleader in ‘Word of Truth’ Church, located in Tuva. Tuva is a Republic belonging to the Russian Federation, with Tuvan as its main language.

Sister Kenden, fluent in both Russian and Tuvan, studied some of the translated sermons of Sungrak Church. She now spreads these teachings to the Tuvan people in the Tuvan language.

The people who have learned from her state that Berea is something that has never been heard before.

After members of ‘Word of Truth’ Church learned the teachings of Berea, they also drove out demons and experienced many healings and signs.

Article #2 Pastor Govorushko of ‘Jesus Christ’ Church located in Murmansk, Russia

Through the Berea books translated into Russian, Pastor Govorushko Victor formed a close relationship with Sungrak Church. Pastor Govorushko Victor currently leads a family-based Baptist church in Russia. The members of this church are third generation baptists. His grandfather, father and uncle were all pastors. During the era of the Soviet Union, these pastors guided their church in the midst of great persecution. Pastor Govorushko Victor’s grandmother was such a diligent saint that, during World War II, she preached the gospel to the Jews found in concentration camps.

Before Pastor Victor came into contact with Berea, he had already been driving out demons in his ministry. But his ministry appeared so different to those of other churches, that he was seen with suspicion and criticism. But having come into contact with Berea, Pastor Govorushko Victor receives great assurance concerning the driving out of demons.

Pastor Govorushko Victor not only introduces the Berea books to the people of Russia, but he introduces them to those in Finland, Israel, Kazahkstan and other countries.