Letter from World Berean

China, Uganda, and Malawi

Minister Chang from China

I recently heard a sermon by Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim titled “God Should Be Glorified,” which helped me change my misunderstanding I had about bearing fruit. I used to think that the only way I could bear fruit was through preaching, but I have come to realize that all the services, devotions, and offerings I do in the church are also bearing fruit.

When I serve God, my motivation should be intact. The reason why I serve and glorify God is that I have already received God’s grace. But some may have a wrong motivation of serving to get rewards. In the past, my church had the bad habit of comparing each other based on who preached more, taught more, or received bigger rewards. But now I have come to realize that bearing fruit means obeying God’s word and working in our own places, and glorifying God. I am merely a tool that God is using.

I also understand that the motivation for preaching is crucial. If my motivation is impure, I can cause suffering and harm the church, which can lead to division eventually. Preaching the gospel is not for my own sake but rather for the sake of the church’s representative. When I reach out to people without pure motivation, those who hear my preaching may not have pure motivations either since they won’t be guided correctly. It is like planting a disaster in the church. As the Bible says, ”Good trees bear good fruit, bad trees bear bad fruit.” Likewise, I cannot serve God alone, apart from the church. Our church is guided to serve with integrity through the teachings of the Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim. I give glory to God for this.

He once said, “We do not work for the sake of our rewards, but we love and serve God with pure hearts, as those who received His grace.” At the time of the sermon, I didn’t fully understand what he meant by those words. So, I wondered, ”Should I serve God just to receive rewards? Is this a bad idea?” But now, I understand that I had only grasped his words partially. While it is true that I may receive rewards for my service to God, but my starting point for serving should be to express gratitude and give glory to God from my heart for the grace He has given me.

I pray that God continues to guide, protect, and change my church through the Overseer. I do not want to forget the grace of Mother Church, Sungrak Church, and I hope to follow in its footsteps. May God achieve His will through all the Berea churches!

Minister Chang
from China
December 11, 2022

Pastor Samanya from Uganda

I am so grateful to you for trusting me with the books that you, as a church and Dr. Kim, sent me last year, the books are really inspiring, and I pray to God to continue guiding you in writing more books that inspire the children of as a whole.

Most especially, these books have strengthened my spiritual, physical, emotional, and social life. They have given me more ideas on teachings in my church based on bible doctrine without using my own understanding but by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thanks for that good testimony and encouragement since I started reading these books and following your website’s sermons, before I knew how to preach outside the biblical teachings and my own understanding, what changed my mind was when I realized the truth, everything changed beginning with my sermons and growing spiritually, and my ministry is getting stronger, and many things have happened that I can’t explain more. Thanks, and may God bless you. Nice to hear from you.

Pastor Samanya
from Uganda
March 6, 2023

McPherson from Malawi

I am a Malawian man aged 42 and Christian. I read two books, entitled “The Law and the Truth” and “Let us know JESUS” by Ki-Dong Kim. I got them from my friend.

They made me start understanding the Bible in a different way now. As such, I need to go beyond just reading the books, and I need to do a full Online English Course at your Berea Academy. I feel this will fully change my understanding of the Bible as well as my life and that of others out there.

This writing seeks to get from your admission requirements for one to get enrolled and start studying as well as how to get enrolled so that I become one of the students and do the course. Help me please, I really need the course. Looking forward to your favorable consideration

And I will be happy to be receiving the sermons every week.

From “The Law and the Truth,” this book, I got to know the difference between The Law and The Gospel and that the Law was not abolished but strengthened. Some teachings used to say we should concentrate on New Testament only, not Old Testament, because it’s no longer applicable. After reading the book, I got a new understanding.

A certain preacher once preached about JESUS as a man, but many people, including myself, criticized the teaching. But after reading the book “Let us know JESUS,” I got the real understanding.

from Malawi
March 6, 2023