Letter from World Berean

Uganda, Liberia, Mexico

Nsubuga from Uganda

I have received my books.

Thank you so much my friend and God bless you with all the work of your hands.

We are so happy for your donation.

Keep it up and Let the Lord bless the work of your hands in the name of Jesus Christ.

I have served the books to the children as I had to do and took my responsibility to encourage them to look and think about Jesus Christ and the Lord.

Let the God’s mercy belong to the Sungrak Church and it’s partners.

Dear God I request you to be on our side all the time and bless the Sungrak Church in the name of Jesus Christ I pray amen.

Justin from Liberia

Well what I learned when I study the book (Know Jesus and Suppress Deceiving Spirits), is that the devil is not just the father of lies and murderer.
He’s also the sinner from the beginning. Long before the creation of the universe & the devil betrayed God his own will.
Another thing I got to understand is that the devil is the father of SIN!
SIN- is anything we do or say against God will.
The devil is the first to commit all the sins in this world & nothing good can ever come from the devil
Man can never benefit anything from him and another thing nothing from the devil last forever it always fade away.
(Like here in Africa people go to some Evil woman or man for quick powers and riches l sometimes the evil man or woman can even ask them to do some rituals stuff like killing and then they get Riches but they don’t enjoy it because the devil give nothing free in this world he can give you all the money but in return he take your soul with him and then you become his slave. The same way he tempted Eve, he implanted a hope in her that she could be like God by eating the forbidden fruit.)
What the devil do usually do he encouraged, comfort & assurance. so man can never benefit anything good from the devil. Only the truth can liberate mankind from the devil by knowing Jesus Christ he the way the truth and the light. Jesus Christ is the only legal way by which we can break out from the devil.

When I firstly started reading the books a changed my life a lot and I got baptize and now i feel like a new person and I understand how the devil works now. At first like last month i was going through depression when u sent me the books i decided to read it, it changed my life im so happy and grateful to the church and im happy to be in the Lord Jesus Christ. Right Now im in the Usher Department in My church and want to work for the lord.

Of course its not easy on me right now but I believe God got me
I’m out of college no money to pay my fees too much problems in my life but I give God the praise he the God of Gods and KING of kings I believe he will help me. I want to ask the Church to please keep I’m in their prayers I’m going through a lot in my life.

Isaac from Mexico

I am a missionary pastor of a small congregation in a rural indigenous area of Tabasco, Mexico. We need some brochures; we are in an area that is full of idolatry and sorcery. We are a missionary ministry in Tabasco Mexico.
We are an evangelistic and missionary ministry, we do not depend economically on any organization or denomination, but only by faith and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Amen, I have been praying for these encounter and open doors. You are part of that response and I rejoice in the word of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you for sharing the teachings of Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim, I will probably learn even more about our Lord Jesus Christ and his Word to be more effective and productive in my own life, as well as that of those who listen to us. We rejoice in being able to receive these teachings, we receive them with joy.
I will be praying for you and for your pastor and for all this work that you have set out to do.
At your service with pleasure. The peace of Jesus Christ be with you all.

* * *

Good morning from Tabasco, Mexico, we send you a warm greeting that your lives continue in unity and full of the Holy Spirit impacting lives around the world.
I am very happy that you are doing this work, I will be waiting to receive the book and share with the brothers and people that we are evangelizing about Jesus Christ.
The brothers of the missions are happy and motivated.
We feel rejoiced, honored, and privileged to receive such incalculable value to bless us and help us in the missionary work in this rural area that needs it so much.
I am also giving them bible studies through the content of these books that are being of great use and benefit to our ministry and to the brothers.
We are glad of your support; we pray to God for these doors to continue in the missionary work reaching souls for Christ in this area.

Soy pastor misionero de una pequeña congregación en una zona rural indígena de Tabasco, México. Necesitamos igual folletos, estamos en una localidad que es una zona de mucha idolatría y hechicería. Somos un ministerio misionero en Tabasco México.

Somos un ministerio evangelístico y misionero, no dependemos económicamente de ninguna organización ni denominación, sino solo por fe y la gracia de nuestro Señor Jesucristo.

Amen he estado orando mucho por estos contactos y estas puertas abiertas y ustedes son parte de esa respuesta y me gozo en la palabra de nuestro Señor Jesucristo.

Gracias por compartir las enseñanzas del Obispo Sung Hyun Kim, seguramente aprenderé aún mas de nuestro Señor Jesucristo y de su Palabra para ser más efectiva y productiva mi propia vida, así como la de los que nos oyeren. Nos gozamos con poder recibir estas enseñanzas las recibimos con gozo.

Estaré orando por ustedes y por su pastor y por toda esta labor que se han propuesto realizar.

A sus órdenes con aprecio. La paz de Jesucristo sea con todos ustedes.

* * *

Muy buenos días aquí en Tabasco, México, les enviamos un cordial saludo que sus vidas sigan en unidad y llenas del Espíritu Santo impactando vidas al rededor del mundo.

Estoy muy contento de que puedan hacer esa labor, estaré en esperando los libros y compartir con los hermanos y personas que estamos evangelizando de Jesucristo.

Los hermanos de las misiones están contentos y motivados.

Nos sentimos muy contentos, honrados y privilegiados de recibir tan incalculable valor para bendecirnos y ayudarnos en la obra misionera en esta zona rural que tanto nos hace falta.

Estos libros también estoy dándoles estudios mediante el contenido de estos libros que están siendo de gran utilidad y provecho a nuestro ministerio y a los hermanos.

Nos alegra su apoyo, le oramos a Dios por estas puertas para continuar en la obra misionera alcanzando almas para Cristo en esta zona.