Greetings to you all in the mighty name of Jesus.

I want to appreciate you and the mission that Sungrak Church is carrying by doing the Will of the Father.
I want to inform that after some initial hiccups. I managed to get them and thank you all for your efforts in reaching out to us in India as I received the books yesterday.
I couldn’t stop myself from having a look straight away and let me tell you that I’m already half way at one the books on ‘Who is Holy Spirit’.
It’s an absolute pleasure to know about the Spirit of God in such a manner.
I want to thank Pastor Ki-Dong Kim for God’s valuable writings and sharing with us the essence of serving Him.
May the Lord bless your efforts and look forward to be a blessing as well as being blessed by this mission.

Lots of wishes and prayers,

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Joy Shalom Sunny
January 31, 2019


From 1990s through year 2000, about 800,000 people of the former Soviet Union immigrated to Israel. A lot of Jewish-Russians went back to the land of their fathers in the stream of the immigration.

Russian team in Sungrak Mission Center got letters from a pastor in Israel. He speaks more Russian than Hebrew because he is one of the immigrant from Russia to Israel during the years. One day, he had a chance to read ‘What are Demons?’ on the website, however, it only previewed chapter one so, he contacted our Russian team in Sungrak Mission Center to know more about the book. After reading the books sent from us, himself and his church are trying to learn the Word of God from Berean books and sermons. Besides, he is making an effort to share this precious truth with others and to be a channel of blessing.

At long last, the Word of Berea is flowing into Israel by one true person who understands the blessing of God. Shall we expect that it will start to bless all people in Israel?