Spiritual Living (John 4:23-24)

No matter how great a person’s achievements, they are certain to make mistakes and sometimes make decisions which are not suited to a situation. It is the same with the church. The important thing is that you frankly acknowledge this behavior and fix it. It is only when you do that you can open a brighter future for the new generation.

1. The inspiration we lost

If church members are unable to unite in heart, it tells us that the church lost an important component of God’s inspiration. In this case, church members can stay together momentarily – like cars intersecting a crossroad – but it will be difficult to overcome all kinds of hardships together and handle the church’s mission until the end. Therefore, we must restore an important component of God’s inspiration, that is, our connection with God.

2. Connection with God

A spiritual person who worships God must optimize his connection with God. The idea “Since I am saved, I can now rest easy.” is a deeply troubling factor which can disrupt our blessings. If we only emphasize the fact that our connection with God was made long ago, and reject a life of walking with God in this day called ‘today’ – it is because we do not fully understand what ‘spiritual living’ is.

3. Spiritual living that bears fruit

‘Spiritual living’ does not mean living apart from reality. We should understand that mankind knew about spiritual realities because God’s Son came in the flesh and fulfilled His responsibility. If we are people who serve God in Him, we should have characters suited to the New Commandment. If we lock up ‘the spirit’ in the world of ideas and do not actually fulfill our responsibility, we cannot say we are spiritual people. Only a truly spiritual person – that is, a person connected with God – can bear sound fruits of faith.

August 29, 2021

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim