Testimony of Blessing

Thank You for Initiating a Life Guided by Truth

Every day, I read the Bible and the Berea books with the saints, encouraging one another and striving to ensure that the church stands firm.

I opened a document file to write my sharing after listening to a sermon at Sungrak Church, but surprisingly, although I thought I had understood the word while listening, I was at a loss when I actually tried to write. I realized that although I have discussed the word verbally, I have never deeply meditated on it or reflected on myself in light of the word as one would in a mirror.

I discovered that I had been treating the word as mere knowledge, always trying to fill myself with more. While writing my sharing, I realized that I was created to desire the eternal, but in reality, I often focus on the immediate difficulties, becoming discouraged and failing to look to God.

Through my reflections, I want to strive to respond to God sincerely in the presence of His word. I am grateful to Sungrak Church for starting me on a life guided by truth.

Pastor Macdonald from Malawi
March 24, 2024

The Cause of the Unending Conflicts

Dear Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim,

Hello, Overseer, I pray that God’s happiness and joy are abundant in you and your wife. You have shared your life with us in flesh and blood, allowing our personalities to meet yours, and enabling us to have the heart of God. Despite the slow pace of our growth, we strive to achieve completeness under your guidance!

Overseer, thanks to your teachings, we were able to have a proper understanding of the church. Previously, we prioritized healing the sick and casting out demons. And such an attitude seemed to imply that everyone was connecting directly with God as if there were no church or shepherd to guide us. This led to constant disputes among us, causing pain not only to me but also to the saints, as we struggled to understand why we behaved in such a manner.

Through your sermons, Overseer, we realized that we lacked the Word within us. Previously, we treated the Word as mere knowledge, and we were busy judging each other with pride and self-centered attitudes. However, after listening to your sermons, we have come to have personal fellowship with you, and your heart has touched ours. Now, we no longer treat the Word as mere knowledge.

In the past, I thought that the ability to cast out demons and heal the sick was a sign of being spiritual and full of the Holy Spirit. When I first read Matthew 7:21-23, I was afraid. ‘Why would the Lord say He does not know me, even though I preached, drove out demons, and performed miracles and healings in His name?’ That was my question. At that time, I tried to reassure myself, thinking, ‘Oh, that must not be a message to the Bereans, but to other religious people.’ Now I understand that the individuals the Lord assert He does not know are those who exploit God for their own purposes, resist surrender to the Lord, uphold a self-centered faith, fail to elevate the Lord, and believe that they are directly connected to Jesus, as if they did not need a shepherd to guide them.

I have now come to understand. I hope that my faith will not be merely a slogan, and that repentance and transformation into the likeness of the Lord will follow upon receiving the Word. I have realized that if there is no change, there is no faith. If we are one with the Lord, how could we possibly think and act differently from Him?

Thank you to Overseer, who truly loves us. In you, I see the likeness of the Lord. I am moved by your character, full of faithfulness, humility, and compassion, and I too wish to resemble these personalities. Hallelujah!

Lord, please protect our mother church, Sungrak Church, like the church of Jerusalem, on its spiritual journey. Make all our enemies flee in shame. Let all the Bereans around the world follow Your authority and prevent them from becoming those without a Master. Keep us from becoming those whom You do not recognize.

Reverse our circumstances so that our mother church may be restored. Bring comfort to our overseer’s heart. Accomplish Your will in surprising ways beyond human imagination! Hallelujah!

Evangelist Wang from China
December 26, 2023

This Self-Sacrificial Love Is Only Possible Through Jesus’ Love

Meeting Sungrak Church in my life has been a great blessing.

I am joyful and thankful that you have sent me God’s word. The sacrificial ministry of sending books and sermons that help me and the people here grow spiritually is only possible because of Jesus’ love.

I pray that Sungrak Church can continue this ministry through God’s infinite power and grace.

Pastor Patrick from Sierra Leone
May 4, 2024

Love Conveyed Even During War

Oh! It’s a greeting message from Sungrak Church!

I wanted to call as soon as I checked the message, and I am happy we could talk right away. I have safely received the books Sungrak Church sent. I plan to take it with me to my next mission site.

As a military chaplain, I hardly have the chance to preach from the pulpit in the current war situation, but I am spreading God’s word to the soldiers as I move through the trenches.

The soldiers are filled with questions: Whom is this war for? Why must people die? Is God truly alive? Their hearts do not open by rational theories or customs.

When I talk with them, I convey God’s love, which I have come to understand through the Berea books and the word of Sungrak Church. I also want to demonstrate my faith through my life and actions.

I have also sent books to people in the western region, and they too have rejoiced in God’s wonderful works.

Next time, I would like to send you a photo with them. Thank you for extending such love to us. I hope we can talk again soon. Until then, take care!

Alexe from Ukraine
April 18, 2024

It’s as if I’m Being Compelled to Translate This Book into Luganda

I have received the books you sent, and I will always remember the love from Sungrak Church.

After reading ‘Let us Know the Holy Spirit’ and ‘Know Jesus and Suppress Deceiving Spirits,’ I began translating them into my native language, Luganda, for those who do not understand English. If they can read English, I give them the book; if not, I preach in Luganda.

With a desire to provide translated English works, I recently began a two-year translation training course. While reading these books, I felt that many people needed them. The books give the impression that a servant of God proclaims the word directly to us. The teachings are so well-organized that they are easy to understand, making it impossible not to share them further. I feel as if I’m being compelled to translate these books into Luganda.

We evangelize and hold meetings in villages, and we have an evangelism plan for May. After completing our training at the training center, we will carry out evangelism work. There are six training centers, each with about 45 students. If possible, I would like to receive books matching the number of students.

Since encountering Sungrak Church, I have felt true happiness and joy. I continually reflect on the love I have received. I sincerely thank and love the overseer and everyone involved.

Pastor David in Uganda
April 24, 2024

Through ‘Word for the Week’ of Sungrak Church, Peace Comes to Our Family

Praise the Lord!
Bless Sungrak Church!

Our family, which was breaking apart, is changing after listening to the teachings of Sungrak Church. Recently, I had a big fight with my husband when he told me to respect him as he is the elder. After that, I would help my husband angrily, and I scolded him when he was alone.

However, one Lord’s Day, I listened to a sermon by Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim at the church. The overseer preached the sermon, ‘Christians Who Should Be Meek and Meek (Ephesians 4:2),’ saying, ‘A meek person treats others warmly and softly.’ After the sermon, while reading the printed word for the week, I reflected on how I had treated my family as someone who has received grace.

I recognize that I receive a lot of help from my family, and I am very grateful for this. I hope that my family and I continue to attend church and serve the Lord well.

Thanks to the overseer Sung-Hyun Kim’s teaching, our family has found peace. Thank you for enlightening us with precious words.

Nambulembo from Zambia
April 12, 2024