August 1, 2021 Lord’s Day Service

The Children’s Bread

(Mark 7:24-30)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is gracious.
disclosed His unique eternal life to the world (Jn 3:16)
and wanted to first reveal it to His chosen people (Jn 17:3).
God gave the Law and the Prophets to Israel (Ex 3:10-12),
called Israel “His people” and made them holy (Ex 19:6).
Israel received Jehovah’s help (Ex 19:4-5)
and drank water from the rock and the bread given by Moses (Jn 6:50).
As other nations could not draw Jehovah’s attention at the time,
Jehovah was called ‘the God of Israel’ (Ex 3:14-15).
But since Israel are under the Law,
they are certainly judged (Heb 9:27).
Jesus the Savior came first to the land of Israel
so that Israel would not be judged (Jn 3:17-18).
This was to save those under the Law and the Prophets (Mt 10:5-8).
Jesus went to Tyre for the first time in His public life,
but the Gospel was not yet permitted to the Gentiles.
He therefore said, “It is not good to give the children’s bread to the dogs.”
After Jesus resurrected, the disciples finally
preached the Gospel to the ends of the earth by the Holy Spirit.
○ Jesus went beyond Jehovah’s limits,
and the Gospel spread to other nations beyond the reach of Jehovah.
The Holy Spirit will preach the Gospel
to Israel and the rest of the world.
○ If you become a child of God, you will see His children’s glory.
If demons are driven out by the Holy Spirit, His kingdom has come.
○ Preaching the Gospel and driving out demons are duties.
The Lord Jesus gave this power to believers as a duty.
The Lord Jesus works with them and testifies with them.
※ Believers are God’s children.
If you are His child, you will always see God’s glory.
We should not live powerless lives of faith, but have the reality.