April 2, 2023 Lord’s Day Service

The Final Warning of Christ

(Mark 14:53-65)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

Jesus is the Son of God and the Christ.
The most important fact for all human beings
is that He came to the world.
This is because all human beings
are trapped under the authority of sin and death
from the time they are born,
and they are headed for eternal destruction.
Human beings
have the fatal weakness of resembling Satan’s
so they betray and blaspheme God without realizing.
God sent His Son
to save us from curses and unhappiness.
He carried the burden of our sins,
covered for eternal death,
and was crucified as a sacrificial offering.
Jesus came to this world.
Not only is He the Christ
who will save us,
but He is the final warning from God.
Let’s never forget this warning
for a moment in our lives,
and let’s carve it in our hearts and lives.
It is God’s crucial revelation,
and it is the voice calling us to salvation.