May 28, 2023 Lord’s Day Service

The Holy Spirit Convicts the World

(John 16:1-11)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

The Holy Spirit
condemns and rebukes the world’s sin and
unrighteousness while on earth.
This is how He testifies to Jesus Christ’s sovereign authority
and glory and His righteousness
and truth at the same time.
After Jesus resurrected and ascended,
the Holy Spirit came to earth in His place as the Advocate.
After Pentecost, He comes on disciples of all generations
and confers various powers and gifts
and guides them in the way to go
while they live for God’s calling
and testify to the Gospel of Christ’s salvation.
As He is one person of the Trinity,
the Holy Spirit was the Creator,
and He gives new life to redeemed believers
as Almighty God.
Yet when He comes on the disciples as the Advocate,
He helps them directly on site in their ministry to
preach the Gospel.
The Holy Spirit proclaims
and guarantees Christ’s righteousness and glory.
On this basis,
He convicts the hearts of all those who practice unrighteousness
and lies and warns them of critical destruction.
By doing so, He wants sinners by all means
to be saved through repentance,
returning to Jesus Christ, and obedience.
Ultimately, the Holy Spirit
helps the ministry
of disciples who preach the Gospel of salvation.
He is the Comforter who comforts
and encourages the disciples not to lose heart
while they endure the burden of persecution and
suffering from evildoers
– He is the Advocate who Jesus promised.