The Humble Nigeria Christians who are obedient to God’s Word

The freedom and will of each person has been oppressed and anti-Christian thought and humanism are being enforced, and so persecution toward the world’s Christians becomes more and more severe. Until Jesus comes to the world again, evil forces wield power in the world, but God enables obedience to the Word and the ability to change many souls with the Holy Spirit to those who are willing to believe and be obedient to the word of God. Therefore, the Sungrak Mission Center always endures in spite of the difficult situations and helps the world’s Christians to be competent Christians who know God’s will by preaching the word of God.

Especially, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation and has the most complex ethnicity. Also, it is absolutely filled with Christian energy, and at the same time, always has the most brutal persecutions to Christians by Muslims. Nigeria has three massive internal causes to make Christians into refugees by persecution: 1) Islamic West Africa States 2) Boko Haram, an Islamic extremist terrorist group 3) and Fulani, those who attack Christian farming communities. Their persecutions get worse and worse regardless of the region, and the persecution in some areas are disputes over resources, causing an aggravated situation. According to “Intersociety” (A Human rights Watch in Nigeria), the government of Nigeria has no cases where they investigated Christian murders and abuse scandals by Islamic groups or individuals. Islamic extremists in Nigeria have persecuted Christians for over 20 years, and in 2021, the case of persecution by Fulani Islamic extremists in eastern and southeastern areas has been increasing rapidly. In addition, even if those who are persecuted by Islamic extremists narrowly escape, they are expelled from their homes and do not have any money to go to hospitals.

Even in these tough situations, many people have received and read the Berea books in Nigeria and the sermons of Sungrak Church and have shared their experiences of the word of God every time. They also do not live their faith life only for themselves, but are becoming Bereans by risking their lives, preaching the word of God, and helping people to believe in God’s word and hold to it. We will share the Bereans’ letters that contain their own confessions of faith and decisions.

Thank you so much sir for all you’re doing for the kingdom of God.

I however will continue fervently in prayer for the body of Christ and for missions such as Sungrak Church which are blessing lives all over the world.

It is indeed true that the body of Christ in Nigeria is suffering persecution. Just recently the government ordered the demolition of some churches in Borno state where the Boko Haram activity is very active. Adversity has risen against churches here and the government is doing nothing about it.

We who are students and studying under these tumultuous every-day attacks has not been easy. We however have conscripted a group of intercessors (which I am one of them) to pray for the body of Christ here and around the world.

We ask for your prayers for us here in Nigeria as we have decided to give our lives for the course of the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Thank you once again and may our good Lord enlarge your horizons.

August 9, 2021
From N.N

Thank you Sungrak Church, I feel joy and fulfillment learning afresh the word of God after seeing that most of the teaching I had believed before were done in ignorance.

I am happy to connect with the true teaching of the word of God.

I can’t wait to receive books and sermon from Sungrak Church.

Thank you.

June 24, 2021
From. U.U

This is so amazing, most of the teaching and readings I am receiving from Sungrak Church is different from what we are been taught here .

And I need more truth about God like what I am hearing from Sungrak Church,

I don’t know how I can be a part of the Berea Academy so that I can stand firm in the true knowledge of God and the authority He has given us, so I can also share this truth to people around me. Thanks.

July 21, 2021
From, U. U

Like this, there has been persecution and hardships that threaten lives, but they are not afraid of persecution, but are humbly obedient to the word of God. The sincere God’s bless will be with those who hold the promise of eternal life and preach the gospel to others.

Sungrak Mission Center