The Obedience of Faith, and Fruit of Hope (Psalm 50:23)

There are many things that we are not grateful for, though we ought to be. Why is this? It is because we do not acknowledge that we received them, it is because we do not know the value of what we received, and it is because we forgot the fact that we received them. It is because we assume we have the right to enjoy them, and it is because we mistakenly think that we owned them in the first place. Why do we delude ourselves? It is because we are self-centered.

1. The grace of God

If you want to describe Christians with one word, you can say they are grateful people. What kind of people are grateful? Grateful people are those who acknowledge that they received. Moreover, grateful people are those who understand that they formerly had no qualifications to receive. God sent us the only begotten Son and made us one with Him. Something more amazing is that – though we received grace – we used to be God’s enemies. We were unqualified, but God gave and He will give again.

2. The work of God

The work of God continues at the hands of those who are grateful. The Law was founded on God’s sincerity and mercy, but corrupt human beings wanted to boast about themselves even while living under it. They did not know how to thank God, and God was eventually hidden because of them. On the other hand, when people confess that they are sinners in the Gospel, and they acknowledge and give thanks for God’s grace, the work of God will continue and the love of God will be exposed.

3. The joy of God

If you do not believe what God has given you and what He will give you, you cannot be grateful. If you are not grateful, you cannot obey. And if you do not obey, you cannot bear fruit. Gratefulness is the evidence of faith and motivation for obedience. Gratefulness is the confirmation of one’s hope and foundation for bearing fruit. The whole church should become one and obey by faith. Let’s hope for abundant fruit and offer our thanks. Let’s offer living sacrifices that please God.

November 14, 2021

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim