March 21, 2021 Lord’s Day Service

The Work of Jesus

(Mark 3:1-12)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

created heaven and earth,
after He finished all His work, He rested on the seventh day (Gen 2:2).
The Sabbath is the day to remember the Creator (Deu 5:13-15),
and the Lord’s Day (the first day after the Sabbath) commemorates the Lord of grace (Jn 20:1-9).
Since working on the Sabbath was forbidden, it had to be kept.
If you worked on the Sabbath, you were cursed (Num 15:32-36).
As Jesus interpreted the Sabbath,
He did not stop work that gave people life.
The holy day is for giving people life (Mk 2:27-28).
Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath and the Lord of the holy day.
The calling of the One who is Lord is to save (Mk 3:3-5).
Jesus’ name saves all people (Mt 1:21).
We are those who keep the holy day,
and the Lord taught what to do on the holy day.
It is to save people’s spirits, heal the sick and set the oppressed free.
Jesus’ Gospel is the Gospel of grace (Mk 1:1).
The Holy Spirit’s work is power and signs (Acts 1:8).
This is what you must do on the holy day: to save and give life.
You must act by the Lord’s will on the Lord’s Day.
○ Wash away the misunderstanding of the Sabbath, and work.
Work diligently by God’s will.
Save people’s spirits, heal and give grace.
○ Making excuses on the Sabbath and not working is evil.
It is sinning against the holy day.
Reveal Jesus Christ and give Him glory.
○ As the Lord’s Day is a form of Pentecost,
be full of the Holy Spirit and tell the world about the Judgement:
those who believe will be saved, and those who do not believe will perish.
※ Religious people discussed
how they could kill Jesus,
but churches must make the holy day into a powerful festival.