Those who are Worthy of the Resurrection (Mark 12:18-27)

Since we dwell in Christ, the purpose of our lives from the outset is the Resurrection. We will leave this world tinged by sin and go to the eternal and blessed kingdom of God. But how firm is our faith regarding this? Do we not have vague expectation about the Resurrection? Are we not mistaking irritation for this life with hope in the Resurrection?

1. The Lord’s promise about the Resurrection

We should believe Jesus’ promise about the Resurrection. Even in Old Testament times, God said that the Resurrection exists and said it would appear in the future. When the time arrived, Jesus came and promised the Resurrection, and even now He oversees our course to the Resurrection. Since the news of the Resurrection was preached to us, we should actively respond to it. The Lord considers such people as worthy of the Resurrection.

2. Becoming worthy of the Resurrection

Unfortunately, many believers think perfecting themselves is the way to become worthy of the Resurrection. But the root of this attitude is selfishness, and this is the base of mankind’s sinfulness. If we want to gain the Resurrection, we should show the Lord our unwillingness to yield to sin any longer. We should give up our attitude of freely accepting sin and set our hearts on the Lord. We should offer ourselves to the church and share in the Lord’s work, for He wants to lead more people to the Resurrection.

3. Those who believe and follow the Lord

Those who do not believe in the age to come like the Sadducees and those who reject the Lord’s guidance are not worthy of the Resurrection. Setting your heart on this world yet believing you will automatically enter heaven is a delusion. Let’s believe and follow the Lord (who promises us the Resurrection). Let’s dedicate our present lives – and since the Lord leads us through the church – let’s follow His path.

November 28, 2021

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim