Weaknesses (Mark 12:35-37)

Jesus is the Christ. He is God’s Son – in other words – He is equal to God. When He came to the earth as a frail man, it was to save repentant sinners, establish them to become the church and be with them, and guide them into the Father’s house. But the Jews considered it a weakness that He came as a man and they disdained Him. Unfortunately, this happens today even in the church.

1. Disdain

Many consider that life at church is just a gathering of people and they do not acknowledge that God is with them. Since they think visible things are the reality, they see life at church only as religious activity. They think God exists somewhere separate from their lives and think He would never be concerned with petty human beings.

2. Judgement

They cannot see God at work in the church and judge it by worldly standards. They think they will obviously be saved if they just hold to their identities as Christians. But this is no different from trying to be saved by your own righteousness. Because these people cannot see God’s righteousness filling the church, they assert their own righteousness and even cause trouble for the church.

3. God’s grace

The church has many weaknesses if you look at it by worldly standards. But these weaknesses are the chance for sinners to accept God’s grace. Whenever we worship and pray, praise and give offerings, and preach and teach in the church – the Lord is with us and guides us. Let’s give up those judgmental glances that belong to our old selves and acknowledge the Lord who works in the church. Let’s not despise the Lord’s consideration and kindness, but humbly serve Him as He guides us by the church.

December 12, 2021

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim