The key point of Sungrak Mission Center’s ministry is the Word Mission. This is Berea Mission that our spirit realizes the will of God first, and then experiences God’s word, and evangelizes to others so they can also experience the word of God personally. The word of God has to have a personal experience of the word and fruit. It has to spread, not just stopping after being heard and studied. God created the world with His words, and through the words, Jesus came to the world and experienced death, and He has resurrected then sat at the right hand of God. Afterward, Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit, He permitted authority and power, thus we can experience the word of God personally.

Sungrak Mission Center sends the Berea books written by Pastor Ki-Dong Kim all over the world. Pastor Ki-Dong Kim has realized the will of God, he continuously writes to teach the will of God and to let others also experience the word of God. The books are translating into many other languages and people who read Berea books and experienced the teachings are incredible. We would like to introduce Bereans who are taking an active role in the Berea Ministry through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit with Berea words.

M. Pangdak was connected with Sungrak Mission Center through Facebook Seeding Ministry. He read Berea books and he was interested in the meaning of Berea. After realizing the true meaning of ‘Berea’, he started ministry by sending people Berea books.  He sent a testimony about a boy he met. The boy had a terrible nightmare but after he read the book, ‘Christ’s Healing and His Holy Signs in My Life’ he was able to escape from nightmares.

“Good morning dear, we went out for evangelism yesterday though it was only two of us, and we met a boy. He shared his testimony with us. He had a terrible dream at night before, but after he read ‘Christ’s Healing and His Holy Signs in My Life’ he escaped from a terrible dream. When he started reading it, Christ healing and his holy signs appeared in his life.”

After reading Berea books, he experienced God’s grace and preached the word of God to others. He has started evangelizing by himself, but now he has a group of people following him to spread the word of God. Within the group of people, they have started the ministry by sharing Berea books and studying the reality of a spiritual world.

“Here is my testimony. First of all, I want to appreciate the overseer of Sungrak Church for his tremendous effort, the staffs of Sungrak Mission Center, and all the members of Sungrak Church, I would like to say, may God’s grace continue to keep you all in Jesus mighty name Amen. I have never been happy for long like this before, but I get to know about this church, sharing the word of God that’s when I begin to experience the kind peace, protection, favor, also God deliver me from a fatal accident which could have lost my hand, but his grace kept me I thank God for that. And also thank the church for praying for me. May God bless each and every one of you in Jesus name.”
November 20, 2020

M. Pangdak, Nigeria

The next story is about Pastor C. Masambuka’s ministry in Malawi. Sungrak Mission Center made a connection with Pastor C. Masambuka through South Africa Christian group on Facebook to preach God’s truth in Africa. Pastor C. Masambuka sent us Facebook Message that he wanted to receive Berea books and our team sent the books right away. After reading Berea books, he sent a mail full of gratitude saying that by reading Berea books he was able to know the Holy Spirit properly and it helped him to know God deeply. Also, he said that the books and the words of Berea are necessary to Malawi. Through this chance, he wanted to continue sharing Berea books with people in Malawi. Also, He has shared the testimony of other people after reading Berea books.

Dear My Beloved In Christ,

We would like to thank all the wonderful Servants from Sungrank Church for your great work you are doing towards us. Your Church and Mission Team has been truly a blessing to us. You have provided us with many powerful books. We want to thank you for your kind support you rendered to us and your dedication to serving God’s people in Malawi.

We have been so blessed to use the Books here and send our Team out with these books to witness in the communities. We also have been blessed to take these books to use in our mission fields to reach out to many souls and winning souls for Christ. May the Lord our Almighty God continue to bless you all both now and forever and ever.  Amen.

February 24, 2021
C. Masambuka, Malawi

“I have accepted Christ as my personal Saviour after reading a book you sent to Book Of Life in Malawi. Thank you so very much.”__K. Chithali

“I enjoy reading the book daily and I have found from it happiness, confidence and a new life in me through Christ and this book was written in simple way that we can understand it. God has casted out demons that cause me sickness every time. I pray the Lord our Almighty God. Thank you Berea Sungrank Church through Book Of Life for your precious gift. Amen.”__D. Yohane

“I have received the Lord after I received a book from Sungrank Mission which is full of Salvation Scriptures. I’m now saved. It received it free of charge. Praise the Lord! Here in Malawi it is very difficult to afford to buy Gospel books. Thank you for your books and obedience to the call God has given you, my love and prayers are with you.”__L. John

“I received one of your book. I read it and I’m now a New Believer. I have known the Lord now and the Holy Spirit. He has made me such a great impact in my life and I intend to follow Him now and forever and to continue to grow in Him every day of my life. God bless you all and your wonderful work.”__J. Mkutama

“These books are so awesome! They are unique, irresistible, up_to date with current trends. Easy to read and understand. I love them. God bless you for your fine work.”__S. Adack

“I want to tell you a wonderful miracle through the book you gave to me. I understood it and I started using it. After my child fallen in sick I prayed for him as the book tells us what to do through our beloved Pastor Kim, he received healing from Jesus Christ. Thank you God for this powerful healing process to my son who suffering for 3 months.”__A. Nkhoma

“Thank you so much for this Mission. I and my family, we are really blessed and these books are so invaluable to our lives and we are ready to share with others about Jesus Christ.”__P. Machemba

“I thank God for your Spirit of reaching out people in Malawi with your books, they are really help us and reach out so many people. We will uphold you in our prayers forever and ever.”__L. Mtengula

“Good afternoon my Evangelist! Just want to say you’re doing a great job. Your books are awesome! The One I received is really changed my life. I love the books from Sungrank Church, they are attractive, so easy to read and catchy.”__S. Magowa.

This story is from Chile, D. Araus is connected through the Spanish homepage of Sungrak Mission Center. Chile is still highly influenced by the indigenous tribes, therefore, many people and churches are far from the word of God. By this, they cannot have a spiritual faith life through the word. However, D. Araus read Berea book, ‘What is the Devil’, and properly realized the presence of demons and he was able to spiritually eye-open. He strongly experience the power of God’s word and casts out demons by himself. Also, he participated in the ‘Let us know Jesus’ feedback survey and showed his interest in Berea mission. He gave great help in publishing the Spanish version of Berea book. He sent his gratitude toward Sungrak Church and Sungrak Mission Center by participating in the ministry and gave glory to God.

The spiritual situation in Chile is not very good. Chile is still highly influenced by the indigenous tribes. In indigenous tribes would serve the dead and use witchcraft to attack people. In the town that I live there are a lot of the demonic movements and many of the people are possessed by demons. But through the book(What is the Devil?) of Pastor Kim, I was able to relate and accept that demons are the spirits of unbelievers. This book has opened my eyes to the spiritual world.

Catholicism is the religion that represents the country of Chile. But unfortunately, many of the Christian churches have gone too far from the word of God. They only would look at the interest of oneself. Also, they don’t have the power to fight those demonic attacks.

I have personally experienced the casting of demons and the power of God. My father is full of the Holy Spirit and has cast out demons. One of my first experiences in casting demons is when my neighbors came asking for help from my father. She said that the soul of her husband has come out, because of witchcraft from the indigenous tribes. When we went to meet him, he was started to scream, but nobody was touching him. Later we notice that he was bewitched with a voodoo doll. It was really shocking to me to see all those things. It was something that I had never experience in my life. But my father cast out demons from them.

Another experience we had was when our Pastor had a fight with a shaman. The Pastor started to talk with him and talk about deep information about how everything would work behind the witchcraft. But later that shaman was attacked but those spiritual demons. Then the Pastor cast out demons from him. It was really interesting to see all those things. After all those experiences my father was criticized for casting demons. Many of the people told him that behind all the casting demons was because he used witchcraft. But instantly I remembered that Jesus was also criticized and persecuted for all the things He had done. So, I thought that those persecutions were normal and I was thankful for all that situations.

I have been busy with my studies but I have started reading the book you send me. It has been of great blessing being able to read and learn a lot of things in it. The translation itself is very good there are only some grammar mistakes, but since the translation itself very good there is not much to change. I hope to finish soon and help you with everything you need.

February 1, 2021
D. Araus, Chile

Likewise, the mission of Sungrak Mission Center teaches true spiritual teaching with Berea books. Thus, world Bereans experience the word of God and participate in this ministry. Until Jesus comes again, Sungrak Mission Center will continue to preach the word of God to the world and make a great effort to make people joyful with God’s happiness and bear His fruit.