< Letter from China>

Right after we had a gathering, a lot of people from government offices like Administration
for Religious Affairs, National Security Department and the police department came to the church
during the worship service on July 8th. Many cars came and it seemed like they are here to take
all the church members to the police station, so I persuaded them to take just myself but the church members.

By asking a lot of stuff they knew too many things about me already. Mostly, they questioned
whether if we keep in touch with Korea Sungrak Church and Pastor Kidong Kim, and said on and on about Berea.

The case that I was related was handled at National Security Bureau which was beyond the local city
and province police stations because I was summoned several times.
They ordered me to close the church down, but I did not do it and prayed to God.
However, we replaced gatherings with small-group meetings and have a worship service on the internet.

Nevertheless, we are filled with full of joy.  There is no one who is weak or seems to stumble.
Two sisters who are more than eighty years old showed that they rose up indignation to protect the pastor
and defend the truth with no fear.  Unexpectedly, I found the spirit of martyrdom in them.

Nothing can stop us from learning God’s Word, worshiping God, and step-up for each other under any situation.
In any circumstance we are facing, we are all witness of Jesus and we will testify Him.
We are going to run toward the kingdom which is eternal and to achieve the reward which does not perish.

From preacher OO, Sunshine Berea Church

July OO, 2018

The churches in China have been strongly restricted by the new law of religion applied in February this year.  We have already heard that a lot of churches were ordered not to get together.  If we tried to expand our influence to those churches by making certain organizations to control them, all the works we have done so far will vanish.  However, what we have given them until now is the Word, it will never disappear although heaven and earth will disappear.  The souls who received the Word will not corrupt no matter how afflictive the situation is.  Isn’t it suppose to be surprising? The Word of God is even more spread and strengthened.