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God our Father is with you all.

We are receiving full of grace and blessing through the teachings of God’s servant, Pastor Ki-Dong Kim. Through his teachings, our church got to know the truth and now only the truth is being testified. People who want to know the truth of the Kingdom of God could now return to the Word.
Thank you to God for your life has given a great mission of ‘Berea’.

Pray for us that the Word overflows like a river and the Holy Spirit would help us with everything.

February 11th, 2018

From Pastor Arias

Semuon Pastor Ki-Dong Kim spent a lot of time in overseas seminars even in the busy ministry schedule to let the world know of God’s will. To make his efforts more worthwhile, there would be tens and thousands of Berea churches all over the world by now if we have continuously supplied the Word to people who have heard the Word. However, people who participated in the overseas mission were uninterested in such ministry like this.

‘Sowing’, which is the first step of Berea world mission strategy, was later applied by Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim to the world. It should actively progress in different languages until 2025 so we can expect the next step of achievement. Due to the current situation that Sungrak Church is facing, the ministry of this step has been faced with difficulties. However, Sungrak Church’s overseas mission ministry is still in the progress while fighting against hardship. Pastor Arias’s letter from South America in this situation gives great encouragement to the Sungrak Church’s overseas ministry and to the saints who protect the church in these difficulties.