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2018 Mongsanpo Summer Camp

This year’s theme for Summer Camp in Mongsanpo was ‘‘My Soul Shall Return to the Word!’’, same as this year’s slogan. Under this theme, the Summer Camp set the aim as ‘Restoring the self- teem and pride of Sungrak People, and loving church.’ In accordance with the theme, most of the programs tried to check the identity and mission as Sungrak people and to keep what vision we have to carry out from now on. Before senior overseer Ki-Dong Kim delivered a message every evening, there was a testimony by a church member who has been attending the church at least 40 years and more.  They have testified how they loved Sungrak Church constantly and dedicated.  The camp went well with the testimonies and the lectures titled as ‘Looking Back to Sungrak In’s Roots’. It gave us a chance to remind where Sungrak People came from through the Semuon’s books.

Sungrak In Get-Together in Ansan

One of the attempts to restore church was held at Ansan Youth Training Center on September 15th. Nearly two-thousand church members gathered and had a recreational event to bring joy and fellowship. For Sungrak people, it was very precious time to know that they are still one. Although the event was not long, however, they could still find the bright future of Sungrak Church throughout the united time. Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim said, “Our church is now divided so we are having a painful time. However, there will be a time to meet like today again without pain next time.”  It seemed like this meaningful event contributed to start-off the restoration of the church by being one in mind.