Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever

The word of God is absolutely perfect person, spirit, life, and power. When the centurion asked Jesus to say the word, and his servant will be healed (Mt 8:5-13), it shows his faith through the word of God healed paralyzed servant. It testifies nothing is impossible with the word of God (Lk 1:37). Believers must abide in His word. This is the moment when the saints experience the one and only God. When the word of God comes into our soul first, then it manifests on our flesh as signs and wonders. Believers can experience the presence of His power by the Holy Spirit.

Sungrak Church had a successful 50th anniversary of 3rd Special Healing Crusade with the title of ‘Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever’. During the days of May 20th to 23rd, many people from inside and outside of the country came to participate and experience signs and wonders.

Senior Overseer Ki-Dong Kim emphasized during the sermon that saints must receive the word of God as Logos which is the spirit. He also preached that the words Jesus has spoken is the spirit (Jn 6:63) which are recognized by demons since they are spiritual beings. Therefore, the word which was with God and created all things comes into our spirit and gives us the power. Accordingly, the most important part is attitude of saints to take the power as the Word of God.

Senior Overseer made it very clear during the crusade. We have to receive His word in our spirit first to manifest His power. If we received His word then presence of God abides in us and we can also manifest signs and wonders. Then all the sickness will be gone by the power of the word. Throughout the crusade, Senior Overseer encouraged the participants to receive the word in spirit and experience the power through signs and wonders.