April 22, 2018 Make Yourself a Golden Vessel (2 Timothy 2:20-21)

Sermon Outline

always exists.
created the world and gave the sun, the moon and the stars.
This gave time for labor.
The first will be last
and the last will be first. This cycle is repeated.
This means He always wants something new.
are workers who work before God (Mk 3:13-15).
We must be used as important vessels to God.
Everyone has a past and a new.
The past has an end and the new receives love.
What is worn out will pass away
but the new expects great fruit (Heb 8:13).
God’s interest is in the new.
He called this ‘a new creation’.
For us to be new, we must throw away what came first.
We must throw away the Law and seek the truth.
We must throw away fleshly works and seek spiritual works.
Make yourself a great person to be used for great works.
◌ Make yourself a golden vessel.
Do not be used as a clay vessel but a golden vessel.
You must make this yourself.
◌ The product must have value to attract attention.
Do not seek others works
but increase your product value.
◌ A better product is sold at a higher price.
The Lord’s servant must have the value He desires.
The person of Jesus must have the value He desires.
※ Make yourself a golden vessel
and make God find and use you.
God always finds a good vessel.