April 15, 2018 Bear Good Fruit (John 15:1- 11)

Sermon Outline

is the Gardener.
created mankind in the world and made them fruitful (Gen 1:28).
This was so the Son of Man could come to them (Gen 22:17).
sent the Son of Man to fulfill God’s great will.
The purpose was God would be glorified through Jesus (Jn 6:38-40).
To fulfill the Father’s great will,
Jesus even hung and died on the cross (Phi 2:6-8).
His flesh is eternal life (Jn 6:53-55).
His blood is life.
Those who drink His blood and eat His flesh
must show the characteristics of Jesus Christ (1 Cor 11:26).
The Gardener, the Vine and the branches have different appearances,
but their purpose is to bear good fruit (Jn 15:2).
If the branches do not bear good fruit, they dry up.
They will finally be thrown out and die.
Do not grumble against God (1 Cor 10:10).
God does no wrong.
God only wants the Vine to bear fruit.
◌ Fruits are the crystal of the faith of saints.
If they do not have fruit, it is because they do not believe and obey.
They go out of God’s interest.
Our work
is only to do God’s will. We must belong to Him.
They must bear His characteristics in their bodies.
◌ Those who accompany Jesus gain His life
and gain His word.
Jesus’ word is inspiration and eternal life.
※ Let’s belong to Jesus Christ.
Let’s please God.
Let’s become the body of Jesus and manifest His characteristics.

Semuon’s Letter

I want to ask to the young ‘servants of God’ who claim against me saying, “Semuon is a liar. We have been deceived by him.” If you became pastors and learned how to pray because you had been deceived by me for decades, now you should harshly abandon the office of pastor, as well as prayers and inspiration which you have learned from me. Aren’t you supposed to abandon every word you have learned from me? How did you become so corrupted in such a way?

Is the leader you have really your spiritual leader? Is he the spiritual leader who kneels before God and prays earnestly by the Holy Spirit every day and night? He is supposed to lead your soul to salvation, but rather he led astray your souls to stumble, and alienated people from the church which is the characteristic of the devil. Is he a true spiritual leader? I feel so grieved about you for you were once my disciples. I tell you, “Please come to your senses.”

If Semuon had transgressed, would not he have repented and been forgiven hundreds and even thousands of times by the Lord with grace? If I had not deserved to be forgiven, would not the Lord Jesus judge me? If Semuon had done evil to the church, you should accuse me of it in the court of law in the world so that I may be punished. And you have done that against me, and hasn’t the court proceeded with the hearings on that?

So then, aren’t you supposed to wait for the decision of the court with patience and humility, and in the meantime cooperate with the church so that its operation may not be hindered? If I violated the law, I would not be able to escape legal punishment. However, I do not think that I violated the law. Rather, those who falsely accused me must take the legal liability of calumny.

I was originally a sinner and have many transgressions, but I live my life boldly by the grace of Jesus Christ. From the mouth of those who are incapable and do not have inspiration, threats and lies flow out all the time. Such lies and threats might work temporarily to insult me, Semuon. However, those who used lies will regret bitterly. It is because they have to take the responsibility on such kinds of words and actions.

You might have expected me to die very soon, but it will not be that way. I have received the inspiration of long life from the Lord. Therefore, I will do what I have to do for sure. All the honor that I had in the world has already faded. For any ordinary persons, it would be difficult to even show their faces outside. However I am the one who believes in Jesus, and who knows the truth. Even though my honor and glory have fallen into a ditch, my soul is stronger and filled with the Holy Spirit more than ever before.

My beloved young servants, repent. Pray earnestly to the Lord Jesus that He might take hold of your hands.

Looking forward to the day of Joy in the church…..