April 8, 2018 Believers in Jesus do Jesus’ Work (John 14:9- 17)

Sermon Outline

is one.
created the world.
To reveal He is master of the world (Ps 100:3),
He gave His Word to the world (Jn 1:14).
The Word is the truth who reveals Him who created me (Jn 8:32).
Believers in Jesus know Him and do His work (Jn 14:12).
We must do the works Jesus did (1 Cor 11:26).
The works of Jesus are saving spirits, holiness, gentleness, and love.
Jesus took up other people’s flaws (1 Pet 2:24)
rather than condemning them.
He loves the saints and loves them until the end (Jn 13:1).
The Church is His Body. It must receive
great love from people who love Jesus (Eph 1:23).
If we
believe in Jesus,
we must solely do Jesus Christ’s work (Jn 14:12).
This is the sign and testimony we are believers (Mk 16:17-20).
What shall we do if believers in Jesus do the devil’s work?
Those who belong to Jesus must do His work.
◌ They should do even greater works.
Therefore, we must pray and be holy.
We must diligently trust in Jesus’ name.
◌ Let us receive Jesus’ gift with thankfulness.
We must be full of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is His greatest gift.
◌ If the Holy Spirit works in us once, He will dwell forever,
work inside believers,
and help them do the works Jesus did.
※ Those who receive the Holy Spirit have power.
They know Jesus and know how to do His work.
Let us be full of the Holy Spirit and do His work!

Semuon’s Letter

What is Pastoral ministry?

Pastoral ministry must start with the inspiration and philosophy that comes from the divine mission of one who starts their own church. Even if there are many pastors in one church, there is only one main pastor. There may be many assistant pastors, but they are there to assist the main pastor. If they start to parade their own inspiration and philosophy, then the church will fall into chaos. If they have their own inspiration and philosophy, then they should pursue that sense of mission and start their own church. They must not start advocating their own inspiration and philosophy in a church established by another and start challenging that person’s ministry.

Pastoral ministry and the church itself are clearly different. What is the church? It is the gathering of believers who have received baptism in the name of Jesus Christ and have met together in a holy assembly to put into practice their sacred duty. What is pastoral ministry? It is when one person uses the inspiration and philosophy that he has received by faith, turns it into a purposeful mission, embraces the souls that he has been given responsibility over by God, and makes the church grow in faith. Pastoral ministry is when an Overseer channels his inspiration and philosophy into a purposeful mission and strives forth to put it into practice.

But there are some people who are confusing the implications of pastoral ministry with that of the church. The core component of pastoral ministry is inspiration and philosophy, and the core component of the church is the assembly of Christians that have been saved from their sins. Therefore, the way the main pastor is to prosper in his pastoral ministry is to revive the spirit of the church. But if one does not revive the spirit of the church, he is not conducting a prosperous pastoral ministry. The work that the main pastor does and the work that the church does are different from one another.

I am a person who has been chosen to be a true pastor. Through faith and prayer, I have received inspiration from the Lord, and from the philosophy that comes out from my inner person, I started this church. For my whole life, I have focused on this inspiration and philosophy, and have nurtured growth in this church. There may be those that have different ideas from me, but this is to be expected since each person’s amount of inspiration is different. I have completely immersed myself in the inspiration and philosophy that I received, and the result was an admirable church. I endeavored with all my heart and strength to produce a church that I am pleased with, and I believe that this is the church that God himself desires.

I have seen those who have denied that I am a true pastor, how they have raised distressing alarm in the church, and have stolen some of the sheep of the flock. The reason that they do this is because they are not true pastors. There are many churches in the outside world, but you cannot expect that the form of this church is to be the same as theirs. This is because there is always one main pastor in each church, and they conduct their pastoral ministry with the inspiration and philosophy that they have each received from the Lord.

In the past year, our church suffered a huge trial, but I have not been shaken in the least. This is because I have steadfastly pursued the inspiration and philosophy that I have received from the Lord and have embraced it as a purposeful mission. I can rise up again. But those who cause chaos and division amongst the members of this church will never be able to conduct an adequate ministry. They are full of the ideas of fleshly man and have absolutely no inspiration. They are full of greed and have no philosophy. It is useless to consider if they have any worthy sense of mission to conduct an adequate pastoral ministry.

Pastoral ministry is inspiration and philosophy that an Overseer has. If anyone wants to pursue their own pastoral ministry, they must leave the property already owned by another. They must start anew their own work by using the inspiration and philosophy they have received from God and pursue their own purposeful mission.