April 7, 2019 The God of the Living (Luke 20:37-40)

Sermon Outline

is the One who has Eternal Life.
So that He could give Eternal Life,
He sent the Word into the world.
The Word of God is Eternal Life (John 1:14).
The Word of Eternal Life was with God from before eternity.
Therefore, this Word is Eternal Life.
This Word is God (John 1:1).
Our faith
is that God and Eternal life are One. This is the Truth (John 10:30).
Once the flesh reaches its limit, it will return to the dust (Gen 3:19).
Only the spirit of man will remain eternally.
If one has the Righteousness of God, one will live eternally in heaven (John 3:16).
If one does not have the Righteousness of God, one will remain eternally in hell (Heb 10:27).
The Righteousness of God is the Truth (Matt 6:33).
He is Jesus Christ (John 14:6).
The one who believes in Jesus will have Eternal Life and gain the Resurrection of Life.
The one who does not believe will face the Resurrection of Judgement (John 5:28-29).
At the coming of the Resurrection, the work in the world will end.
We will then return to God.
is the God of the living (Luke 20:38).
◌ This is why God became the God of Isaac after the death of Abraham.
After Isaac’s death, God became the Master of Jacob.
◌ To think the created world will be extended by the Resurrection is a misunderstanding.
This is because one does not believe in the Truth.
There is only one Truth. This Truth is Eternal.
◌ Even the greatest people in the world are like small burning lamps.
The smallest in the Kingdom of Heaven will be greater than such people.
Let us believe in this word.
※ Our faith and hope is in the Resurrection.
Since Jesus resurrected, we too are able to remember the word Jesus spoke to John.
Jesus said, “Here is your Mother!”

Semuon’s Letter

Jesus Christ received baptism by immersion in the Name of the Holy Spirit. Having received this baptism, all things related to the past was wholly buried. He was no longer the One who belonged to the flesh. Rather, as One who belonged to the spirit, He was the One who belonged to God. He was the One who possessed Eternal Life according to the will of God. There have been so many people who have claimed to pursue an active faith. As it turns out, they are currently speaking and behaving in the manner typical of unbelievers. They are doing the work of unbelievers and taking their side. They are now secularizing and dishonoring the glory that comes from heaven.

In the world, we all have our own families. But within the Kingdom of God, there is only One Father whom we will all serve. Those who serve Him are His children. In the Kingdom, there will be no marrying or giving in marriage.  Those who will take part in this Kingdom cannot yet possess Eternal Life while they are on this earth. For the short duration they are on this earth, they are connected to the lineage that goes all the way back to Adam. They all share the same bloodline of that one man. But in the Kingdom of God, there will be no death. For there will be no cause for it.

In this world, we all belong to the rest of our family members and we live with them. But the moment the spirit leaves the flesh, each person will receive what is allotted to them – whether it is reward or punishment. Each person is to go their own way. All the religions in the world follow their own superstitions that have been handed down to them. They say that they will be born again and again in this world. Such teachings have nothing to do with the Truth. It is impossible to say that the people who teach these things possess the Truth.

Some people might have great sorrow of the idea that they will never see their family members again.  They are sorrowful that they will not recognize them in the Kingdom. Because of this sorrow, some will go so far as to wreck the precious faith of the Resurrection. Fleshly relations are nothing more than fleshly relations. Once we receive baptism by immersion – be it the father, mother, brother or sister – each person must go in the way commanded them in regards to their spirits. The Lord Jesus Himself spoke by His word, saying, “Do you think that I have come to give peace on the earth? I tell you, no! I have come to give a sword! I have come so that, through Me, there will be division and dispute between a father and his son, a mother and her daughter, a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law’ (Luke 12:49-53).

No one will go into the Kingdom of God in accordance with family units. Each person must go into the Kingdom of God by his own faith. This is the way each person must enter. The Lord Jesus sighed with distress that the fire He had come to bring was not yet completed. Worldly religion might ensure peace and harmony within a family. But Jesus did not come to give peace but division. He has expressly stated that He had come to give ‘fire’. This is why the world cannot accept the faith of Jesus Christ.

Jesus spoke through His word. He said, “Who is My mother, brother and sister?” He then said, “He who does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother, sister and mother.” Each person must believe in accordance with that proportion of faith given him in his spirit. So, when the question is given you: “Are you going to hell or are you going to heaven?” You must absolutely make sure that your answer is clear.

In the beginning, we must regard each of our family members as our enemies. We must acknowledge this, feel pity for them, and love them. We must regard them as the first people to whom we preach the gospel. The Day of our Resurrection will come soon. Whether it is those who are dead or those who are still alive, we will all come to meet the Lord. Amen.