March 31, 2019 The Pillar of Truth and Grace (1 Timothy 3:14 – 4:2)

Sermon Outline

is the Father of the Truth.
sent His Only Begotten Son into the world.
He manifested Himself in the flesh (John 1:18),
He was justified in the Spirit (Acts 2:32),
He was seen by the angels and preached to all nations (Luke 24:4-7).
He was believed upon in the world (Matt 28:19-20),
and He ascended to heaven in glory (Luke 24:51-52).
This is our faith and our hope.
The following are the three pillars by which we know the Truth (1Tim 3:15):
The first pillar is ‘the Son of Man and the Woman’, also known as the Immanuel (Matt 1:23).
The second pillar is ‘baptism by immersion’, which is the Truth (Luke 12:50).
The third pillar is ‘the Resurrection and Eternal Life’ (1Thess 4:13-16).
To adhere to the knowledge of grace and truth,
to stand among the ranks of those who have been martyred,
and to protect the House of God is the spiritual mission we have been entrusted with (Heb 10:26).
the enemy of the Woman, who is the devil, tries to make us depart from the faith.
He makes us follow the teachings of deceiving spirits and demons.
He makes us deceive the Holy Spirit and makes us speak lies.
◌ Pay attention to the word of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the One who will give life to our dead bodies.
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.
◌ Establish these three pillars firmly within yourselves.
The one who knows the Picture of God’s Will must build his house over it.
This house will be godly and eternal.
◌ If there is no pillar or if the pillar decays, the house will collapse.
Let us receive the knowledge of grace and truth.
We will soon see the Lord in glory.
※ Each day is a day that is as precious as gold.
Let us make the most of every opportunity and have the courage of a martyr.
See the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God!

Semuon’s Letter

Whether it be those who are with me, or those who have departed from me and behave as my enemies – they all came, saw and learned from me for one single great purpose. Before they met me, none of them knew about the Truth and the gospel. But after they learned from me – Semuon – they finally came to know about the Truth and the gospel. All those who have learned from me and have come to learn of the knowledge and wisdom that comes from the Bible should keep it with them in their spirits their whole lives – no, for all eternity! Just consider how great and precious these treasures are!

There are some who regard these things as treasures, but others treat them as something very common. These treasures have become, to these people, ‘pearls given to pigs’. These pigs stamp on these pearls and tear them up to pieces. Those who are now outrageously opposing Semuon are using in their teachings the very Truth and knowledge that they have learned from me!

The Bible teaches us that faith comes from hearing the word, and the word is heard from those who teach this faith. Those who teach this faith have themselves been taught it by what they have heard from God. Our faith does not come from man. We have heard and learned from God our Father who dwells in heaven (Matthew 16:17).

Among all those who are with me or those who have left me and have become my enemies – if any of them consider themselves great, they should know that it is because they have heard, seen and learned from me. They should not try to shake out of their hearts the knowledge of the Truth and the preaching of the gospel that they first heard from the voice of Semuon. Rather, they should take it upon themselves to honor and respect me as long as they live. They must put these things into practice and so experience them fully. None of this is the knowledge that I have fabricated. These are the things that I have learned from God when I was called.

I did not receive the education that Overseer Sung Hyun Kim received. I have hidden none of my many faults and weaknesses. I have spoken plainly about them my whole life. And I cannot say that it was because I was born poor, even though I would like to say so. But as I look back on my past, I believe that my severe poverty had pushed me and disciplined me further. It pushed me into meeting with God Himself. Once again, my gruesome early life – the early life of Semuon – had made me seek my God, Jesus Christ, most earnestly. It made me hear and learn the knowledge and wisdom of the word. This is the word of the Truth that comes only from heaven (that is, the Spiritual World). This word cannot be attained, not even in the slightest, through the learning and understanding of the world.

I will say it once again, the knowledge that I – Semuon – possess comes from nothing but the Truth and the gospel. I have received this knowledge purely from God. Having received the word of Truth, I have written countless books, sermon outlines, and addresses. I will leave behind so many written works. The knowledge that I have received is nothing that can be heard or learned from the world. I know and believe that all will finally come to understand that this is purely from the inspiration of God.

Little of the knowledge that I – Semuon – possess comes from the information found in this world. I do not use handheld phones. I do not use the internet. You might as well consider me blind. It is all the more reason that you must come to value the Truth that comes from me. Be sure to know that God is living and that He works powerfully even today. Protecting Berea is the work of protecting Sungrak Church! Let us be protectors of the Truth!