March 24, 2019 Build up the Church (Ephesians 4:1-12)

Sermon Outline

is completely perfect.
the works that He does are completely perfect.
We who have faith in Him must be made perfect like Him,
and then protect and build up His Church (Eph 4:15-16).
The Head of the Church
is Jesus, who has rose from the dead (Eph 1:22).
We are His Body. As His Body,
what we need to do is very clear.
There is only one Lord, one faith, and one baptism (Eph 4:5).
There is only one God, and He is the Father of all creation.
To each of us, the grace of Christ has been given
just as He has apportioned it (Eph 4:7).
How can we ever pay back this grace?
He has made some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists,
some to be pastors, and some to be teachers (Eph 4:11).
He does this to perfect His saints and prepare them to do works of service.
He does this so that the Body of Jesus Christ can be built up.
Jesus is our God.
And through the Holy Spirit, whom He has sent, we are born again (John 3:3-5).
◌Let us all be humble and obedient.
Let us all become holy saints.
Let us all finally build up the Church, which is the Body of Jesus.
◌ There is only one Lord, one faith and one baptism in the Church.
There is only one God, so let us not fight amongst ourselves.
Baptism by immersion is the Truth through which we are born again.
◌ Let us be full of the Holy Spirit and obey God.
Let us arm ourselves with the word of Truth.
Let us give our lives to building up the House of God.
※ The church is the fullness of Him who fills everything in every way.
The authority and power to command the creation is found in the Church.
Let us all humbly build up the Church with one heart.

Semuon’s Letter

What changed in me after I came to believe in Jesus was the power to persevere. Although this power was never in me from the beginning, the Holy Spirit worked this in my spirit when He came into me. He guided me powerfully thereafter. In the days of the past, Cain was full of jealousy and envy against his brother. He contemplated on how he could kill him. God saw this and spoke to him, saying, “The desire to sin is in you, but you must overcome this desire.” However, Cain eventually did kill his brother. And this was because Cain did not have the power to control his fleshly desires.

Today, the Holy Spirit has come into us. He works in our own spirits. He softens and opens up the field of our spirits so that we can know the Heart of the Lord. Jesus spoke by His word, when He said, “For I am gentle and humble in heart, so take up My yoke and learn from Me.” Man has nothing but the desires of the flesh, so he does not have the power to act in accordance to the will of God. But Jesus purchased us by His blood, and He gave us the Holy Spirit. Through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, He has manifested the heart and nature of the Holy Spirit.

It is now nearing the 60 years since I first stood before the pulpit and testified to the word of God. Just as it is written in the scriptures, I have received the word of God. The persecution that I have received for the sake of the word has by no means been small. But it seems that people are not satisfied with simply hating me. They seem to finally want to kill me. But I have taken these realities as my blessings. I strive to persevere again and again, and I pray for them.

As human beings, we all have our individual personality traits and our own apportioned knowledge. But we have the tendency to regard this as our own righteousness. One’s own righteousness will not fulfill the will of God. It is the righteousness of God alone that can fulfill the will of God. By receiving baptism in immersion, we have participated in the death of Jesus Christ at the cross. The fleshly heart, the fleshly lusts, and all thoughts belonging to the flesh have now died. Now, we possess only the thoughts and knowledge given by the Holy Spirit, whom the Lord Jesus has sent. We now devote ourselves to the work of the Kingdom of God. But the devil is jealous and envious of the saints that live like this and he tries to kill them. He tries to corrupt them in the same way he corrupted Cain.

We no longer live for the sake of the flesh, but we live for the sake of the Kingdom and Righteousness of God. We must not be deceived by the devil and fall into his temptation. To be tempted by the devil is true corruption. Those who become corrupt cannot avoid sinning deliberately. They will finally be rejected by God. Through the faith given by the Lord, and the power that comes from this faith, we do the work of the Lord. We love God for the sake of our own souls. In the same way that the Lord gave up His own body until He shed His blood, we must also fight against unrighteousness to the point of shedding our blood. We must fight and overcome. We must fight against the devil and overcome again and again.

We must not neglect our life of faith. Cain belonged to the evil one, who is the devil, and killed his own brother. We must be patient in our hearts. So that the power to endure can be us in fullness, let us rely on the Holy Spirit! Let us be spiritual! Let us be spiritual like a true man of the Holy Spirit! This is the earnest desire of the Lord Jesus Christ.