March 17, 2019 The Baptism that Jesus has Received (John 3:14-21)

Sermon Outline

is the Righteous One.
He created all of mankind
for the sake of His Only Begotten Son,
whom He loves (Heb 1:2).
Mankind is the flesh that came from the dust of the ground.
God breathed into him the breath of life, and this breath is life and spirit (Gen 2:7).
This breath is ‘life’. It is ‘the Mother of the Living’, and this Woman was called ‘Eve’ (Gen 3:20).
The man left his father and mother and become with one with Eve.
He became what we now know as ‘the spirit’ (Gen 2:24).
The spirit lives through ‘a good conscience towards God’ (1Pet 3:21).
But if one holds stubbornly to the knowledge of good and evil, he will face judgment (Gen 2:17).
For this reason, God sent the Son of Man (Rom 5:15-16).
He was crucified on the cross (Luke 23:33).
Mankind was bitten by the poisonous snake (the devil) and died.
For their sake, God hung the devil on the tree. He is the authority of death (John 3:14)
It is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”.
The devil, who is the authority of death, received curses.
This refers to the death of Jesus on the cross.
His death has destroyed death and abolished the Law of Moses (John 16:10).
We have received baptism by the Holy Spirit so that we can be united with Him (Rom 6:3).
◌ Whoever has united with Jesus this way has overcome sin and death.
We have received baptism by the Holy Spirit and have experienced faith.
He who believes in Jesus will not perish but will gain eternal life.
◌ Whoever does not believe in Jesus has already received judgement.
If one does not believe and departs from the flesh, he will become a servant of hell.
He will become a demon – the spirit of a dead unbeliever. This is very clear.
◌ Those who know the Law of Moses are the descendants of Abraham.
Once they die, they will go into the bosom of Abraham.
They will swiftly receive judgement. Their resurrection will only be the Resurrection of Judgement.
※ The suffering of Jesus on the cross is no ancient tale.
We unite with His suffering by receiving baptism by immersion.
If one believes in Jesus, he will be saved from sin and death.

Semuon’s Letter

Sungrak Church has, from the beginning of its foundation, based itself on the Theocentric faith. It was established in the pursuit of perfecting the Christian Church in accordance with the faith and theology of ‘The Picture of God’s Will’. All the faith, theology, constitutions, doctrine, and strength of the established denominations hold faithful to the tradition that was brought in by the foreign missionaries that had come into Korea. They have continued in these traditions. Therefore, it is very futile to reform their views.

Jesus destroyed the tradition of the Law of Moses and the Prophets through His death on the cross. God had sent His Son to die on the cross, and His death had severed relations to this tradition. He had lead us to the faith of the New Covenant. He had led us to the Truth. Following suit, I was also trained in the theological seminaries of the established traditions, but I severed myself from them and established an independent church.

I will further explain my motives: I refused to follow the tradition, doctrine, and church constitutions that had flown in from abroad. Instead, I pursued an independent teaching and independent rule of faith. I no longer submitted myself to Clerical authority and sought only to receive the guidance by the Holy Spirit, which is like ‘streams of living water.’ And this is found only in the Bible. Only those who have received the baptism by immersion given by Jesus – that is, the baptism by the Holy Spirit – can truly fulfill the work of the Church of the Lord Jesus.

Clerical authority, church constitutions, and doctrines reflect human-centered theory. They go against the ideals that I have followed. Instead of genuine ideals, they have laid importance on the role of the Assembly chairmen and denominational laws. However, as the Overseer, I shepherd souls with the inspiration given by the Holy Spirit. The Overseer’s teaching and interpretation of the Bible is the faith and view that the independent church must follow. The Overseer cannot afford to lack any inspiration given by the Holy Spirit. This is how the Holy Spirit works over the independent church. If this is indeed done, the democratic desire to gather the opinions of man and the desire to walk in the direction of the flesh will be blocked. The interpretation of the word of God by the Holy Spirit, which alone is the Truth, will prevail. It will be followed, and the church will become the cradle of the Theocentric faith.

The separation sect speak lies and say that there is no biblical justification for the role of the Overseer. This is a lie. The Bible clearly states that the Holy Spirit has appointed overseers for the sake of the Church purchased by the blood of God, and that He has appointed them to take care of His Church (Acts 20:28). If we had doctrine, theology or constitutions in our church, then there would be no reason to have the office of Overseer. There needs to be an Overseer whom the Holy Spirit will directly work upon, and who’s inspiration the Overseer will obey. Only then can the independent church continue to exist.

There have been some people who have said the office of Overseer must be abolished in Sungrak Church, and they have tried to divide the church. If the Overseer, who leads the independent church, is gone, then there will be no choice but to go back to the established denominations. It will signify the return to the human-centered faith, and people will again deliberately keep on sinning even after receiving the knowledge of the truth.

I – Semuon – am the Overseer. The three pillars that I – Semuon – have promoted, serve as the guides to the faith of ‘The Picture of God’s Will’. Because Semuon has advocated these things, until we reach our final breath, I and everyone else must not depart from these three pillars. Therefore, Semuon (the Overseer), ‘The Picture of God’s Will’ (that Semuon has preached), and Sungrak Church (which will always remain as an independent church), cannot ever be separated.

We have all witnessed that this church was established as an independent church for the sake of the souls that have been purchased by the blood of God. We are now all walking on the road of martyrdom and gathering together as one to protect the church.