March 10, 2019 Baptism by Immersion is the Truth (Luke 12:49-53)

Sermon Outline

is Righteous.
is the Father of the Truth (John 17:8).
He revealed the Truth to the world (John 14:6),
and the Truth came to do the will of the Father (John 6:38-40).
The Father’s will is that the Truth would not lose any of those given Him.
So that He would transfer all these over to the Kingdom of God,
He received baptism.
The baptism He received was His death on the cross (Luke 12:50).
The ‘good conscience’ is directed towards Heaven (1 Peter 3:21),
but ‘the conscience that knows moral good and evil’ will surely receive judgement (Gen 2:16-17).
The power of the Law of Moses is sin (1 Cor 15:56),
and the power of the devil is death (1 Cor 15:55).
The death of Jesus has abolished the authority of death,
and the blood of Jesus has abolished the authority of sin.
The Holy Spirit raised Him from the dead, and this is the Truth (Rom 8:11).
The death of Jesus is the Truth (John 8:32).
There is only one Truth (Heb 10:17-18).
There is only one Lord, one faith and one baptism (Eph 4:5).
God is One and He is the Truth (Eph 4:6).
◌ We have received baptism through the Holy Spirit.
We have thus experienced the Truth,
and the direction of the soul has been transferred from the flesh over to the spirit.
◌ Baptism by the Holy Spirit transfers us from death to life.
We have been transferred from the flesh over to Christ,
and this is to be ‘born again’.
◌ If one has not been born again by the Holy Spirit and water,
he will never see God.
We have become spiritual people by receiving baptism by immersion.
※ A household will have division for the sake of baptism by immersion.
There will be division between a father and son, and between a mother and daughter.
This is spiritual division.

Semuon’s Letter

‘The Berea Movement’ is the movement that learns from model of nobility displayed by the people of the city of Berea, which was one of the principles cities in the whole area of Macedonia. The people of Berea did not behave like the people of Thessalonica. Instead, they were very noble and earnestly heard the word of God preached by Paul. They were not aroused according to their human emotions, common sense or culture. They did not oppose the word of God, but they examined the Scriptures to see if what was preached was indeed confirmed by what was written. And in accordance with their now confirmed faith, they began to follow the Lord with great zeal. To learn from the model of the Bereans is the method of Bible study that I – Semuon – have pursued. And I gave this the name of ‘Berea’.

There may be others that call themselves ‘Berea’, and they may claim to examine the Bible just like the Bereans do. But the issue is whether they know ‘The Picture of God’s Will’. In ‘The Picture of God’s Will’, there are three pillars which we hold to steadfastly.

The first pillar is ‘The Son of Man and the Woman’. Jesus is the God that came as ‘the Immanuel’, and He was born of the body of the Woman. This Woman came from heaven, and the breath of life was breathed into the man, ‘Adam’. Afterwards, Adam left his mother and father and became one in body with the Woman. The Adam before this did not have a spirit, but the Adam after this had a spirit and became ‘a living being’. This spirit is known as ‘life’, ‘the Mother of the Living’ and is also known as ‘Eve’. Again, the one known as ‘Eve’ is the ‘the Mother of the Living’, and this refers to ‘life’ and also refers to ‘spirit’.

The second pillar is ‘Baptism by immersion’. In the same way that Moses placed the Bronze Snake on the tree and anyone who had looked at it and believe in it received salvation, whoever has united with the death of Jesus on the cross will also receive salvation. The criminal hung on the cross alongside Jesus rebuked the other criminal who received curses along him and confessed that it was altogether right for them to receive curses. In saying this, he believed the death of Jesus to be the death of a Righteous Man, who had nothing to do with sin. He, thus, became united with the death of Jesus and showed the desire to live. The Lord Jesus responded by taking him to paradise. This is our very salvation.

The third pillar is the concept known as ‘Where is My Soul Going?’. There are those who know God, and they will die and enter into Paradise. There will be those who will not enter into Paradise, but they will dwell with Abraham and enter into Judgement. Both of these will enter into the Resurrection, but they will be separated between the Resurrection of Life and the Resurrection of Judgment. But those who do not believe have already received Judgment in their souls. When they die, they will go into the Hades and enter into the place of Eternal Shame. For the short time that they remain within Hades (that is, the created universe), they will do all sorts of atrocious things as demons. Later they will go into the Abyss. These will be the children of hell. So, I ask the question again: ‘Where is My Soul Going?’.

The message that firmly constructs the house of ‘The Picture of God’s Will’ in accordance with these three pillars is ‘Berea Academy’. But those who betray the Truth and deliberately keep on sinning will be spirits who are saved, yet they will have no participation in the Resurrection. They will be like those who are barely saved from the fire, and they will receive the lowest degree of salvation. The ones who believe and understand just how great and important the receiving of baptism by immersion is are ‘The Bereans’.  My entire life – the entire life of Semuon – has been dedicated to establishing these three pillars. My life has been dedicated to constructing the house of ‘The Picture of God’s Will’ amidst these pillars. For this purpose, I have never turned either to the left or to the right. Amen.