March 3, 2019 Salvation has a Testimony (1 John 5:1-12)

Sermon Outline

is completely perfect.
For Him
to fulfill the plan of salvation for mankind,
He sent His Son into the world (John 6:38-39).
came by water (Matthew 28:19),
He came by blood (John 6:53-55)
and He came by the Holy Spirit (1 John 4:13).
these three agree as one (1 John 5:8).
This is the testimony of our faith (1 John 5:10).
Whoever believe in Jesus has this testimony within him (1 John 5:11-12).
The one who has this testimony has life.
The one who does not have this testimony does not have life.
Our faith is not a religion.
Because the Truth is without falsehood, it has a testimony (John 8:32).
Things that go beyond the Truth do not have a testimony.
We possess the faith that has a testimony (Mark 16:20).
This testimony is a real experience.
The Holy Spirit has given us this experience by His power.
◌ The Blood of Jesus has overcome the Law of Moses,
and Jesus has abolished the Law’s authority.
He has given us freedom by His blood.
◌ The Holy Spirit has overcome the devil,
and the Holy Spirit has overcome the devil’s authority.
The Holy Spirit has given us freedom by the Truth.
◌ Baptism overcomes the desires of the flesh,
and it pushes back the sinful emotions that come from the flesh.
Baptism only leads us in the direction of the Sign of the Resurrection.
※ The only thing which will overcome the world, the devil, and the desires of the flesh
is the testimony of our faith.
Let go of religion, which has no experience through the Holy Spirit, and hold to faith instead.

Semuon’s Letter

In the days of the past, we did not know what humans being were and why they existed. But once we met with the Lord Jesus, we came to understand that human beings were the bridge by which the Son of Man would come. Therefore, our way of life in the past was life for the sake of the flesh. It was a life without hope. But this has now been buried through baptism, and we no longer seek the desires of the flesh. Instead, our spirits must look only to the Lord Jesus and seek to belong to Him. So we live, not for the flesh, but for the spirit.

Before my spirit came to know Jesus Christ, I pursed the desires of my flesh. But now that my spirit is alive, I pursue the desires of my spirit. This is why I always use the phrase, “My spirit”. My spirit is alive only in Jesus Christ. It lives by the word of God and receives guidance by the Holy Spirit. This is the glory of becoming a child of God. But as time has passed, the devil has somehow planted weeds in my spirit, and weeds are continuing to grow there.

Within my spirit, there should only be the fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. But instead of these, there is grief, anger, a desire to take revenge, suffering, and sadness. They have all grown like weeds within me. These things are not the desire of my spirit, but they all belong clearly to the devil. When I open my eyelids to face the day, the voices that instantly come to hinder me are the voices coming from these ‘weeds’. The desire to hate and have malice towards others beat against my spirit like the autumn wind. Because of this wind, my spirit is drying up.

Therefore, I must grasp a hold of the situation and come to my senses. Even if the leaves of the trees turn red with the coming of the autumn wind, the fruit that is still hanging on the branch must ripen. Even if the flesh comes to its own autumn season, loses its strength and falls to the flaw like the other leaves, my spirit must ripen like a desirable fruit that still hangs on the tree. This is the only way it will attract the interest of the Master. Let us all live for the same of our spirits. Like the autumn leaves that are eroding under the autumn wind, so the desires of my flesh have turned full color and are no more. Let us all live for the sake of our spirits.

While I have lived in this world, I have taught all that I can teach, and I have done all that I can possibly do. All that I yearn for is not the promotion of my flesh, but for my spirit to do the work of God by the Holy Spirit. Right now, my spirit is full of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that comes out from God. But my flesh is eroding and I cannot sustain my vitality. My days are coming to completion, and till that final day, I am persevering again and again. One must endure without end in order to gain the victory. There is Only One who can vindicate my spirit – He is our God – He is Jesus Christ.

God is the Highest Hope attainable, not only for my flesh, but also for my spirit. Just who is God? He is Jesus Christ. He came from Heaven, was raised in Jerusalem, and received the testimony that He was the Son of Man. He is God, and He is the Son of Man. The world can laugh at this, but I am blessed. Because I know God, because I believe in Him and because I love Him, I am truly blessed. Our God is the Son of Man and He dwells in Heaven.