February 24, 2019 Build up the Spiritual Temple (1 Corinthians 3:10-15)

Sermon Outline

is the Father.
created the whole universe through the Word (Heb 11:3).
He sent this Word to the world (John 12:50),
and through this Word, the world gains Eternal Life.
This Word is full of grace and truth (John 1:14-15).
He is full of the Glory of the Son of God.
By the baptism in immersion we have received,
we have become the born-again children of God (Mark 16:14-20).
And from this time on,
we build the House over the foundation of Jesus Christ (1 Cor 3:10).
All this is for the sake of receiving the reward of glory (1 Cor 3:14).
He gives His reward to the souls that have received salvation.
His greatest reward is His crown.
The House that we are constructing is the Holy Temple.
We are this very Temple (1 Cor 3:16-17).
We are the Temple that serve the Name of God (2 Chr 6:29).
It is through this Name alone that we gain life (John 20:31).
The Holy Spirit comes and dwells in us through this Name.
Our faith is to constantly move forward (Phil 3:7-12).
◌ To progress even beyond the faith we had at first,
to please God,
and to serve the Holy Spirit are the duties of the Temple.
◌ Believing that the Lord dwells in us constantly
through His Name is our faith.
Backsliding in our faith is the way to destruction.
◌ If we have received salvation, let us gain the Resurrection.
Let us come into and dwell in the House that Jesus has prepared for us.
This is the earnest wish of the Lord God.
※ If you build yourself up as part of the Temple,
you will prosper in all things, just as your soul prospers.
Let us be full of strength and be full of the joy of salvation.

Semuon’s Letter

The one who has given life to my soul has also filled me with His inspiration. He has made me know the truth. By the truth He has made me know, I have taught and nourished many spiritual workers for God. Since the year 1964, He has kept my spirit in constant preparation and service for the sake of nurturing 10,000 leaders. Finally, after 40 years, God has fulfilled the desire He put in me, and I have finally built The Christian World Mission Center.

The place where we are carrying out our Main Service is in The Christian World Mission Center. The place where we had carried out our Service in the past was in the Shingil Main Sanctuary. Although we are currently facing many challenges against the church, we must strive for restoration at once. Even now, we must diligently prepare for this under the slogan of “All Nations are Our Field of Work! (or “All Nations are the Area of Our Activity!”). I have started this movement, and I am sure that Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim will continue to lead it.

We are those who have first received the gospel of God, and so we must be the first to rise to ‘make disciples of all nations’. For the sake of all the Words of Truth that I am not able to preach on the pulpit, I have written them down and published them in many books. I have written them so that anyone can read them at any time, again and again, and come to a thorough understanding.

What I have written is not from the wisdom, knowledge, or affairs of man. Rather, I have prayed and have received the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and I have written according to the inspiration that was given to me. What I am saying right now is most true. Therefore, whoever is humble before God, I exhort that they read my books and be ready to learn.

I am not saying that I am particularly gifted. I am a foolish man. What I am saying is that I fear the wrath of God if I do not swiftly preach what I have seen by faith. No matter what the circumstance is, I only desire that my descendants will, through these books, swiftly understand the inspiration and truth that was given me and so arm themselves powerfully in their spirits. And these books are not only written for my descendants, but they are written so that the knowledge of the truth may be distributed equally to all. I pray so that God will do His work until 10,000 leaders are finally trained.

A young boy had with him some bread and fish that was enough only for himself to eat. But once these were placed into the hands of the Lord, several thousands of people were fully fed. In the same way, just like this young boy, I am a thoroughly insignificant human being. But the Lord has received into His hands what little I had possessed, and He has widely distributed this out to all. Do not make any excuses for not knowing the gospel and not knowing the truth, but so long as you have a pair of eyes, carefully read these books one by one. Read them, so that, together with me, you can know the inspiration of Semuon.

We are all those who have gone out to the wilderness of Bethsaida. We are those who have seen and experienced the miracles performed there. Let us all humbly read the books that have been written in the inspiration given me, and let us rise to the ranks of leaders. Also, do not do this just for yourself! Whether it be husband or wife or intelligent children, let us all be led into this inspiration. I have little time left, and I am writing things that I am not at liberty to repeat. Even after I have departed from this world, the inspiration given to me by God will surely do its work. Amen.