February 17, 2019 Do not sin Willfully (Hebrews 10:19-31)

Sermon Outline

is True.
became the Father of those who have received salvation (Rom 8:16-17),
God shed His own blood for them,
and God fed them with His own flesh (John 6:53-55).
Whatever religions there are in the world,
they have not drunken of the blood of God,
and they have not eaten of His flesh.
All religions are like the Law of Moses that strives for religious cultivation.
They give no grace, and they give no salvation (Eph 2:8, Acts 4:12).
we rely on the blood of God, and we now walk on this Holy Way.
The Lord will come very soon (Acts 1:11).
He will come to take His saints who have received salvation (John 14:1-3).
we must attend Service on the Lord’s Day (Heb 10:25).
Do not sin willfully by being unfaithful on the Lord’s Day (Isa 58:13-14).
The one who sins willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth
is the one who has rejected God and he will surely face judgement.
Let us live each day with the heart and attitude of a martyr.
We must come closer to the Lord Jesus.
◌ Let us rely on the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit gives His gifts in abundance.
◌ Let us live our lives of faith by the Holy Spirit.
Let us live our lives of faith with spiritual power.
This is the commandment of the Lord.
◌ Make your decision starting from today.
Let us go to Service on the Lord’s Day.
Let us overcome the world through our participation on the Lord’s Holy Day.
※ The saints are those who walk on this Holy Way.
We must constantly walk in the Holy direction commanded us,
and finally come to that place He promised.

Semuon’s Letter

If we do not know God, God will not know us. If we do not know Jesus, Jesus will not know us. If we do not know the truth – who is Jesus – Jesus will not know us. If we do not know the Name of the Only True God – which is the Name of ‘Jesus’ – then Jesus will not know us. If we do not know the healings and power of Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ will not know us.

When the Lord spoke to us through His word, by saying, “I never knew you!”, this was no word of deception. This was the word of truth. If anyone make God out to be a liar, then that person does not know the Only True God, and therefore, does not know the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we examine the scriptures every day and listen to the sermons of the word of God that are preached, we diligently strive to know Him. If time has passed and we have only come to know our own righteousness and not the Righteousness of God, we have become the people of religion. We have not become the people of Jesus Christ. The reason why God has spoken the words, “Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His”, was so that the Holy Spirit would come into us. When He comes into us, He reveals the knowledge of Jesus, He reveals the knowledge of the works of Jesus Christ, and He reveals the knowledge of the words of Jesus. Thus, the man of the Holy Spirit is the man who knows Jesus. This is the way the Lord Jesus lets Himself known, and He finally becomes the Lord of Life.

While we are in this world, we do not seek our own righteousness, but we seek the Righteousness of God. But after people have received baptism, people tend to use all their strength to seek after their own righteousness. It is so unfortunate that people do not know that their own righteousness will not save their own souls. Even though a godly Muslim may full of his own righteousness, he has not received the promised salvation. Though he may be righteous in the eyes of the world, he is still a great sinner before God.

Out of all the books that I have written, there is not one book that I have written by my own initiative or exertion. I have only written according to what I have known and received by revelation from the Lord. I have not written or created anything which I have not believed in. I have only written the truth that I have myself have believed in and have staked my life for. So what I exhort towards all is that everyone read at least one of these books with all sincerity. If one stakes one’s own soul to read them, he will come to understand, and that understanding will finally be the stream of the river of truth.

I have love for all our saints that strive to seek God, and I am writing for their sakes. I am writing without end so that they will come to know God and come to know Jesus Christ all the more. Thus, I have now written over 280 books. If one were to read just one book each month, one would still have to read without end for over 20 years to read them all. The books that I have written are the books of the Name of God. Let us read them and know God. Let us read them and know Jesus Christ. If you do this, then God will come to know you.