January 1, 2023 Lord’s Day Service

A Time Is Coming When I Will Tell You Plainly

(John 16:25~33)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is one and only.
sent the Son and saved the world through Him (Jn 6:39).
The Son did not come to the earth by His own will,
but He came because He was sent by the Father (Jn 5:30).
If you are asked, “What should I do
to receive God’s love?” (Mk 10:17),
reply by saying (1 Pet 3:15),
“Since you believe that Jesus Christ
came from God,
the Father Himself loves you” (Jn 16:27).
We study the scriptures, go to church, (Jn 5:39)
and receive baptism to gain eternal life (Heb 6:1-2),
but the Lord said, “Eternal life
is to know the true God and Jesus Christ,
whom He had sent” (Jn 17:3).
Jesus said, “I came from the Father and came to the world.
Again, I leave the world and go to the Father” (Jn 16:28),
and He asked, “Do you believe this?”
You must fix the misunderstanding that faith is enthusiasm.
○ Just as it is not normal for people to be sick,
if your faith is not sound, you can fall into temptation
and be ridiculed by the devil, people, and angels.
○ If you meaninglessly say to yourself, “I believe, I believe”,
this is not faith, but conviction and superstition.
Let’s possess the correct faith given by the Holy Spirit.
○ The Holy Spirit
is the Spirit of Truth
and testifies to God and the Son, who He had sent.
※ Faith must be about the truth.
It is to know the Father and the Son by the Holy Spirit.
The truth is the way and the life.