August 11, 2019 Believe and be baptized (Romans 6:1-11)

Sermon Outline

is love.
God so loved mankind
that He sent the Only Begotten Son (John 3:16).
Jesus Christ
is both God and man (John 1:18).
‘Jesus’ refers to His name (John 1:12),
whilst ‘Christ’ refers to the Son of Man’s duty (Matt 16:16).
Jesus Christ has broken down
the middle wall of separation between God and man.
He atoned for man’s sins at the cross and abolished the Law (Eph 2:14-18).
We experience this through baptism by immersion (Rom 6:4).
Baptism by immersion is the union of
the water from the earth and the Word from heaven.
It is the testimony that God and man have united.
We have received baptism through the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5).
This is the eternal link between God and man (Acts 10:47-48).
The baptism of John was done through water
but this could not connect God and man (Matt 3:10-11).
The flesh experiences baptism in the water
and the spirit experiences baptism in the Holy Spirit.
◌ Receive baptism by immersion.
If you do, the eternal relationship with God will be established.
There is only one baptism by immersion.
◌ Only believers receive baptism by immersion.
Those who believe and are baptized are saved.
My spirit must receive baptism in the Holy Spirit.
◌ Those who believe and are baptized are saved
and signs will follow those who believe.
This is the Word of Jesus Christ.
※ The Holy Spirit will come
upon those who believe!
He will come in the fullness of power!

Semuon’s Letter